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How to Defeat the Skinstealer, a Brutal and Terrifying Boss in Lords of the Fallen

by Isabella Dager

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging action role-playing game that pits you against powerful enemies and bosses. One of these bosses is the Skinstealer, a monstrous creature with four arms and blades that can slice you in half. The Skinstealer is the tenth boss you will encounter in the game, and it can be a tough fight if you are not prepared. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to defeat the Skinstealer and progress to the next area.

What You Need to Know Before the Fight

Skinstealer 1
  • The Skinstealer is located in the Moth Gate area, which is accessible after defeating the Annihilator boss.
  • The Skinstealer has two phases: the first one is when he uses his normal blades, and the second one is when he ignites them with fire, making his attacks more deadly and causing Ignite build-up.
  • The Skinstealer has a variety of attacks, such as charging strikes, double blade charges, spinning slashes, and overhead smashes. He can also parry your attacks and counter with a powerful riposte.
  • The Skinstealer is vulnerable to Smite and Poison effects, which can deal extra damage and reduce his health regeneration.
  • The Skinstealer is resistant to Fire and Magic damage, so avoid using weapons or spells that rely on these elements.

How to Prepare for the Fight

Skinstealer 2
  • Pick a fast and powerful weapon with Smite or Poison effects to stun and weaken him.
  • Wear light or medium armor to dodge his attacks with ease. Heavy armor will only slow you down.
  • Use a sturdy shield to block or parry his strikes, but watch your stamina.
  • Bring healing items and use a Vestige Seed before the fight to save your progress.
  • Choose a magic type that matches your style and strategy. Brawling, Deception, or Solace magic can help you in different ways.

How to Fight the Skinstealer

Skinstealer 3

As soon as you enter the battle area, engage the Skinstealer and try to stay close to him. If you move too far away, he will charge at you with his blades, which can be hard to dodge. Keep circling around him and look for openings to attack. He will often pause after performing a combo or a charge attack, giving you a chance to strike. Aim for his head or his arms to deal more damage.

Dodge his attacks by moving diagonally forward through his swings. Some of his attacks are best avoided by moving into the armpit area of the arm he is swinging. Do not dodge backward or sideways, as he can easily catch up with you. Block or parry his attacks if you have enough stamina. You can stagger him by parrying his attacks, especially when he glows yellow. However, be careful not to parry too early or too late, as he can punish you with a riposte.

Watch out for his fiery attacks when he ignites his blades. He will glow orange and perform faster and more powerful attacks that can cause Ignite build-up. Dodge these attacks earlier than usual and avoid getting hit by them. Heal yourself when you have an opportunity. The best time to heal is when he is recovering from his combos or his charge attacks. Do not heal when he is preparing to attack or when he is on fire, as he will interrupt you and deal more damage. Continue dodging, blocking, parrying, and counter attacking until you defeat him. Be patient and do not get greedy with your attacks, as he can quickly turn the tide of the battle.

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What is the Skinstealer and Where can I Find it?

The Skinstealer is a powerful and agile enemy that can parry and dodge your attacks. It wields two blades that can ignite with fire and cause Ignite build-up. You can find it in the Moth Gate area, which is accessible after defeating the Annihilator boss.

How do I Deal Damage to the Skinstealer?

You should stay close to the Skinstealer as much as possible, as it has slow recovery times after its combos. Moving away from it will only make it more aggressive and relentless. You should also exploit its weaknesses by attacking it when it is staggered or recovering from its attacks.

How do I Heal Myself During the Fight?

You should heal yourself when you have a chance but be careful not to get caught off guard. The best time to heal is when the Skinstealer is recovering from its attacks or when it is stunned by your effects. You should also avoid getting hit by its fiery attacks, as they can increase Ignite build-up and drain your health.


The Skinstealer is one of the most challenging and thrilling bosses in Lords of the Fallen, a game that combines action and role-playing elements. To defeat this formidable foe, the player needs to prepare well, adapt to its attack modes, and exploit its weaknesses. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, the player can emerge victorious from this epic battle and enjoy the rewards.

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