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How Defeat Elianne the Starved in Lords of Fallen

by Isabella Dager
Elianne the Starved

In Lords of the Fallen Revelation Depths is a dark and twisted dungeon in the game of Revelation Online, where players can face challenging bosses and uncover hidden secrets. One of these secrets is the optional boss Elianne the Starved, a powerful and mysterious creature that lurks in the depths of Mother’s Lull. In this article will guide you on how to find and defeat this elusive boss and claim its rewards.

How to Find Mother’s Lull

Elianne the Starved

Mother’s Lull is a hidden area in Revelation Depths that can only be accessed by using a special item called Umbral Scouring Clump. This item can be purchased from Molhu, a merchant who appears after defeating the main boss of the dungeon, Harrower Dervla. Harrower Dervla is a two-phase fight that requires coordination and skill to overcome. The first phase involves fighting Dervla in her human form, while the second phase involves fighting her in her monstrous form.

To purchase the Umbral Scouring Clump, you will need to have 100 Umbral Shards, which are dropped by enemies and bosses in Revelation Depths. Once you have the item, you can use it on the well inside the boss room where you fought Harrower Dervla. This will open a portal to Mother’s Lull, where Elianne the Starved awaits.

How to Find Elianne the Starved Location

elianne the starved sword 1

Here how to find Elianne the Starved in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Choose the Umbral Ending path and get Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite.
  • Talk to Molhu at Skyrest Bridge and place the parasite in a slot.
  • Go to Pieta and use Soulflay on her to reveal her parasite.
  • Fight and defeat Elianne the Starved, the boss who appears after Soulflay.
  • Get Elianne’s Umbral Parasite for the Umbral Ending.

How Defeat Elianne the Starved

Elianne the Starved

How to Fight Elianne the Starved is a formidable foe that has high damage and health. It has several abilities that can pose a threat to your party, such as:

  • Devour: Elianne bites a random player, dealing massive damage and healing itself for a percentage of the damage dealt.
  • Starvation: Elianne emits a dark aura that reduces the healing received by all players within range by 50%.
  • Ravenous: Elianne leaps to a random player, knocking them down and dealing damage over time.
  • Feast: Elianne summons several corpses around it, which it can consume to restore health and gain buffs.

Rewards for Defeating Elianne the Starved

Elianne the Starved

In Lords of Fallen Defeating Elianne the Starved will grant you several rewards, such as:

  • Elianne’s Soul: A rare item that can be used to craft powerful elianne the starved sword and armor at Molhu’s shop.
  • Elianne’s Essence: A consumable item that can be used to temporarily increase your stats and resistance.
  • Elianne’s Memory: A lore item that reveals more about Elianne’s backstory and origin.
  • Achievement: You will unlock an achievement called “Starved No More”, which grants you a title and a badge.

Tips and Tricks

elianne the starved sword

To defeat elianne the starved weakness, you will need to avoid its attacks and interrupt its healing. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Use crowd control skills such as stuns, silences, or knockbacks to interrupt its Devour and Feast abilities.
  • Use mobility skills such as dashes, teleports, or jumps to evade its Ravenous ability.
  • Use healing reduction skills such as bleeds, poisons, or curses to reduce its healing from Devour and Feast.
  • Use burst damage skills such as ultimates, combos, or critical hits to deal as much damage as possible before it heals.

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How do I Unlock the Umbral Ending?

To unlock the Umbral ending, you need to collect all 15 audio notes that are scattered throughout the game. These notes contain clues about Elianne’s history and motives, as well as hints on how to defeat her. You can find them in various elianne the starved location, such as chests, corpses, or hidden areas.

How do I Enter the Chamber where Elianne is?

To enter the chamber where Elianne is, you need to defeat Antanas in Keystone Citadel. Antanas is the leader of the human resistance and the final boss of the main story. He is also corrupted by Adyr and wants to use Elianne’s power for his own purposes. After you defeat him, you can enter the chamber where Elianne is by using a lever near his throne.

How do I Change my Difficulty Level?

To change your difficulty level, you need to use a checkpoint crystal. These are glowing crystals that allow you to save your progress, heal yourself, and level up your character. They also allow you to change your difficulty level by selecting one of four options: Casual (easy), Normal (medium), Challenging (hard), or Deity (very hard).


To defeat Elianne the Starved, a hidden boss in Revelation Depths, you need to use a special item to access its lair, avoid its powerful attacks, interrupt its healing abilities, and deal as much damage as possible before it recovers. You will be rewarded with rare items, consumables, lore, and an achievement.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to defeat Elianne the Starved in Lords of the Fallen. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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