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Lord of Fallen: How to Defeat Mendacious Visage

by Olivia Wildie
Mendacious Visage

If you are looking for a thrilling and challenging adventure in the dark fantasy world of Lords of the Fallen, you might want to face Mendacious Visage, a massive stone head with root-like limbs that lurks in the swampy Forsaken Fen. This boss is not required to complete the main story, but it offers a rewarding and satisfying fight for those who dare to challenge it.

In this article, we will show you how to find, prepare, and defeat Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Find Mendacious Visage?

Mendacious Visage

You can find Mendacious Visage in the Forsaken Fen area, which is accessible after you defeat the second boss, The Warden. To reach this area, you need to go through the Iron Wayfarer’s camp, where you can also find a merchant and a fast travel point. From there, you need to follow a sloping path that loops around a village with a large bonfire. As soon as you enter the Umbral section of the area, which is marked by a purple hue and a change in music, you will see Mendacious Visage emerge from the ground.

How to Prepare for the Fight?

Mendacious Visage

Before you engage Mendacious Visage in combat, you need to make sure that you are well-equipped and well-prepared. Here are some tips on how to get ready for this boss fight:

  • Prepare for the fight: Level up, choose Pyric Cultist, equip Inferno and blunt weapons, bring healing items, and save your game.
  • Level up: Use Vestige Seeds and materials to boost your stats and skills, and upgrade your gear at the forge.
  • Choose Pyric Cultist: This class has Inferno spells that can burn Mendacious Visage.
  • Equip Inferno and blunt weapons: Use a hammer or a mace for melee, and a fireball or a flame blast for ranged attacks.
  • Bring healing items: Use Flasks of Crimson Tears or Pulse Cells to heal, and Frostbite Remedy or Withering Remedy to cure status effects.
  • Save your game: Use a Memory Crystal before you enter the Umbral section where the boss.

How to Beat Mendacious Visage?

Mendacious Visage

Mendacious Visage, a hidden boss that can be found in the Catacombs. This boss is a huge stone head that can deal massive damage with its physical and frost attacks. Here are some tips on how to beat Mendacious Visage:

  • The Mendacious Visage has two weak points: its back and its face. When it jumps or slams the ground, you can attack its back for extra damage. When it opens its mouth, you can attack its face for even more damage. Be careful though, as it will try to bite you or swipe you with its tongue.
  • The boss also has a frost attack that can reduce your stamina by half. To avoid this, you need to wear armor that has good frost resistance. You can also use potions or spells that boost your stamina regeneration.
  • Another thing to watch out for is the Shrouded Remnants, which are ghostly enemies that shoot projectiles at you from the sides of the arena. To get rid of them, you need to destroy two barriers that block the way to their platforms. You can do this by using the Soulflay ability on the Umbral entities that guard them.

Rewards for Defeating Mendacious Visage

Mendacious Visage

Defeating Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen will grant you some rewards that are worth the effort. Here are some of the rewards that you can get from this boss fight:

  • Rewards for defeating Mendacious Visage: Get a poison hammer, a level-up seed, a stone head spell, and a trophy for your camp.
  • Poison Hammer: A weapon that can poison your enemies. It’s called Precision Hammer.
  • Level-up Seed: An item that can boost your stats and skills. It’s called Vestige Seed. Use it at the Altar of the Fallen.
  • Stone Head Spell: A spell that can summon a stone head that shoots at your enemies. It’s called Mendacious Visage. Use it at any shrine with a spell slot.
  • Trophy for your camp: An item that can decorate your home base. It’s called Mendacious Visage’s Trophy. Place it on a pedestal or a wall. Interact with it to replay the boss fight.

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How do I Get to the Forsaken Fen Area?

To reach the Forsaken Fen, you must first slay The Warden in the Citadel. Then, head to the Iron Wayfarer’s camp, where you can trade and travel. Follow the path that curves around a burning village. Enter the Umbral zone, where the purple mist and eerie music signal your doom. There, you will face Mendacious Visage, the guardian of the Fen.

How do I get the Umbral Lamp Item?

To get the Umbral Lamp, you must do “The Lost Lamp” quest. Talk to The Blacksmith at the Iron Wayfarer’s camp. He will ask you to find his lamp in the Forsaken Fen. Search the area for clues and find his lamp. Bring it back to him and he will give you the Umbral Lamp.

How do I use the Memory Crystal Item?

To use the Memory Crystal, put it in your off-hand slot. Press save to make a checkpoint. Press load to resume from the checkpoint. You can find or buy Memory Crystals in the game world.


Mendacious Visage is one of the optional bosses in Lords of the Fallen, and it is a challenging and rewarding fight. You need to find it in the Forsaken Fen area, prepare yourself with the right gear and items, and use the right strategies and tactics to defeat it. You can also get some valuable rewards from this fight, such as a new weapon, a new spell, and a new trophy. If you are looking for a fun and exciting boss fight in Lords of the Fallen, you should definitely try to beat Mendacious Visage.

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