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How to Kill Matsura in Starfeild Back to Vectera Quest

by Olivia Wildie
Kill Matsura in Starfeild

Back to Vectera is a quest available in the sci-fi RPG game Starfield. This quest requires players to track down and execute an infamous criminal named Matsura, who betrayed his Vecteran Resistance colleagues and sold them out to the Galactic Federation. Kill Matsura in Starfeild is hiding on a remote planet’s secret base, surrounded by his faithful henchmen. Players must penetrate his base, confront him, and prosecute him.

From beginning to end, in this Article will walk you through the Back to Vectera quest in Starfield. We’ll go over where to find the task giver, how to get to Matsura’s lair, how to combat him and his goons, how to escape his base, and how to return to Vectera to claim your reward.

How to Start the Back to Vectera Quest in Starfield

Kill Matsura in Starfeild

After completing the main objective The Final Frontier in Starfield, you will receive a message from an unknown sender claiming to know where Kill Matsura in Starfeild is. The sender requests that you meet them on Vectera.

Travel to Vectera and land on the designated coordinates to begin the Back to Vectera quest. There is a small camp there with a few Resistance survivors. Rina, the mission giver and message sender, is one of them.

Rina will implore you to join her in Kill Matsura in Starfeild and avenging their lost colleagues. You have the option of accepting or declining her offer. If you accept, she will join your group as a temporary companion and tell you about Zalora and Matsura’s lives.

How to Reach Matsura’s Hideout

Kill Matsura in Starfeild

To get to Matsura’s refuge, you must first go to Zalora, a desert planet in the galaxy’s Outer Rim section. When you get on Zalora, follow Rina’s instructions to a big mountain range, where you will uncover the concealed entrance to Matsura’s base. You’ll have to cope with a sandstorm, sandworms, a security checkpoint, and a locked door along the way. You can either avoid or overcome these hurdles. You will access Matsura’s hideout once you have overcome these barriers.

How to Kill Matsura in Starfeild and His Henchmen

Kill Matsura in Starfeild

Matsura’s lair is a sprawling facility teeming with adversaries and traps. To survive, you’ll need to employ all of your skills and abilities.

Here are some strategies for dealing with Matsura and his henchmen:

  • To evade or disable adversaries, use stealth and hacking talents.
  • Combat and engineering skills can be used to battle or sabotage foes.
  • Use conversation and charisma to persuade or frighten opponents.
  • Use your knowledge of science and medicine to heal or poison your adversaries.
  • Use the powers of your companions to help you in fight or exploration.

Mini-bosses will appear as you go through the base. These thugs are tougher and more dangerous than conventional thugs. To defeat them, use your best abilities, weapons, and strategies.

Matsura can be found in the base’s center room. His finest guards surround him and will protect him at all costs. He also has a personal shield generator and a plasma gun, making him extremely difficult to kill.

To defeat Matsura, you must first eliminate his guards with your abilities, weapons, and companions. Then, using hacking or explosives, deactivate his shield generator. Finally, you must use heavy weaponry or explosives to damage his plasma gun. You can then finish him off with a melee attack or a headshot.

Alternatively, you can use language and charisma abilities to try to talk to Matsura before attacking him. You can try to persuade him, manipulate his emotions, or threaten him. Depending on your options and your relationship with Rina, you may be able to persuade him to surrender peacefully, join your cause, or commit suicide. This is difficult and perilous, however, because Kill Matsura in Starfeild is stubborn and arrogant.

How to Escape from Matsura’s Hideout

Kill Matsura in Starfeild

You have to leave Matsura’s lair before it self-destructs after defeating him. You have two choices:

  • Escape in the same manner in which you entered, but the barriers will be more intense and perilous.
  • Find a hidden switch in Matsura’s chamber to unlock the secret exit. The tube will take you to an underground hangar where you will locate Matsura’s vessel. However, this method necessitates hacking or piloting abilities.

Whatever option you choose, you must act quickly and leave the base before it explodes.

How to Return to Vectera and Complete the Quest

Kill Matsura in Starfeild

Return to Vectera and speak with Rina after escaping Matsura’s lair. She will congratulate you on completing the mission and reward you with a significant quantity of credits as well as a one-of-a-kind weapon known as The Vengeance. You can also question Rina about her background, future aspirations, and feelings for Matsura. She may become your friend, lover, or enemy depending on your decisions and relationship with her. She could choose to stay on Vectera or join your crew. The quest will be finished after speaking with Rina.

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How do I get the Best Ending for the Quest?

The best ending for the Back to Vectera quest is when you convince Kill Matsura in Starfeild to join your cause and Rina to forgive him. To achieve this, you need to have high dialogue and charisma skills, and choose the options that appeal to their sense of honor and loyalty. You also need to have a good relationship with Rina.

How do I get the Worst Ending for the Quest?

The worst ending for the quest is when you Kill Matsura in Starfeild and Rina turns against you. This will result in both of them becoming your enemies and attacking you. To avoid this, you need to not Kill Matsura in Starfeild, or at least spare him if Rina asks you to. You also need to not betray or insult Rina, which means you need to not lie, mock, or ignore her throughout the quest.

How do I get the Secret Weapon The Vengeance?

The secret weapon The Vengeance is a reward for completing the quest, regardless of the outcome. You will receive it from Rina after talking to her on Vectera. The Vengeance is a powerful plasma rifle that has a high damage, accuracy, and fire rate. It also has a special feature that allows it to deal extra damage to Federation soldiers and robots.


Back to Vectera is one of the most exciting and challenging quests in Starfeild. It offers a thrilling story of revenge and redemption, a variety of gameplay options and outcomes, and a memorable character in Rina. It also tests your skills, weapons, and companions in different situations and scenarios.

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