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How to Fix Tracking the Herd Quest Bug in New World

by Isabella Dager
Fix Tracking The Herd

In New World, tracking the herd is a side quest that players must complete to earn one of the legendary rewards. However, there is a bug with this quest that prevents players from completing it or finding the quest giver. In this article discusses the details of the quest, we will also explain some possible causes of this bug and some potential solutions that might help you Fix Tracking the Herd.

What Is Tracking the Herd in the New World?

Fix Tracking The Herd

Tracking the herd is a quest in the New World that involves following the clues of migrating animals. Players can obtain this quest from Fionn Valora, an NPC near a crossroad in Aeternum. However, before accepting the quest, players must first complete the “First Light, Last Stand” quest from Albert Riches.

The quest rewards players with 7500 experience points, 117.50 coins, 15 azoth and “A Spring Dream”, a legendary weapon that deals ice damage.

How Is Tracking the Herd Quest Bugged?

Fix Tracking The Herd

Tracking the herd quest is bugged in New World in various ways. Some players report that they cannot turn in the quest after completing it, while others say that they cannot find Fionn Valora after or before the quest. Some players also claim that the clues are missing or not working properly.

The bug has been reported by many players on the forums, but the developers have not yet fixed it or commented on it. Players are frustrated and disappointed by the bug, as it prevents them from obtaining a valuable reward and progressing in the game.

Possible Causes of the Bug

Fix Tracking The Herd

Tracking the herd is a side quest in New World that rewards you with a legendary weapon. But many players are facing a bug that prevents them from completing it. Here are some possible causes of the bug:

  • Server issues: The game servers are often overloaded or unstable, which can affect your quest progress and performance.
  • Quest design flaws: The quest has a long respawn timer, unclear clues, and high competition for killing the bisons, which can make it frustrating and glitchy.
  • Player actions: Some actions, such as dying, abandoning, fast traveling, joining a group, or changing weapons, can also trigger or worsen the bug.

How To Fix Tracking the Herd Quest Bug?

Fix Tracking The Herd

There is no official Fix Tracking The Herd the herd quest bug yet, but some players have suggested some possible workarounds. Here are some ways to fix it:

  • Restart your game or your quest: This can reset your progress and data and Fix Tracking the Herd the bug. Exit to the main menu and launch the game again. Or abandon the quest and accept it again from Magistrate Bond in Cutlass Keys.
  • Change your server or region: This can find a different quest that works or has less players. Go to the main menu and choose a different server or region from the list. But this might change your ping, latency, or language.
  • Wait for patches or updates: The developers know about this bug and are working on it. They have already fixed some issues with this quest, like the respawn timer and spawn rate of the bison. Check their website or social media for the latest updates.
  • Contact customer support: This is the last option if nothing else works. Customer support can help you with any problems or questions you have in New World. They can also give you some tips or advice on this quest or bug.

However, these solutions may not work for everyone, and some players may have to wait until the bug is resolved by the developers. If you are interested in knowing more details about Staff of Wizardry, then read What Is the Staff of Wizardry in New World and How to Get It.


What is the Tracking the Herd Quest Bug?

It is a bug that prevents players from completing the quest Tracking the Herd, which requires them to hunt down and kill three elite bison in Cutlass Keys.

What Causes the Tracking the Herd Quest Bug?

The bug can be caused by various factors, such as server issues, quest design flaws, or player actions.

How can I Fix Tracking the Herd Quest Bug?

Some potential solutions are restarting the game or the quest, changing servers or regions, waiting for patches or updates, or contacting customer support.

How can I Avoid the Tracking the Herd Quest Bug?

Some preventive measures are checking the server status and stability before starting the quest, avoiding logging out or switching servers while on the quest, following the quest directions and hints carefully, and being patient and persistent with the hunt.

What are the Rewards for Completing the Tracking the Herd Quest?

The rewards are 9,000 XP, 250 Azoth, and a powerful weapon: The Life Staff.


Tracking the herd is a side quest in New World that offers a legendary reward, but it is bugged and causes problems for many players. The developers have not yet fixed or addressed the bug, so players have to try some unofficial solutions or wait for a patch. Hopefully, this article can help you understand more about tracking the herd quest and its bug in New World.

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