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What Is the Staff of Wizardry in New World and How to Get It

by Isabella Dager
Staff of Wizardry

The Staff of Wizardry is a quest that belongs to the main story of New World, a popular MMORPG game. In this quest, you have to find and collect a powerful staff that can help you fight against the Corruption. However, some players have reported a bug that prevents them from completing the quest. In this article, we will explain how to get the Staff of Wizardry in New World, and what to do if you encounter the bug.

Staff of Wizardry Bugged Quest Overview

Staff of Wizardry

The Staff of Wizardry bugged quest is given by Sun Fuchun, an important NPC in the game. You can get this quest after completing the previous quest, Mydrrin’s Fate. The quest requires you to travel to the southern mines of Edengrove and locate the headpiece of the staff.

By completing the quest, you will unlock the next quest, Speaker for the Green, which is part of the main story. You will also receive over 6000 experience points, 85000 coins, and 15 Ajoth. Additionally, you will get an Epic War hammer named Greatpick, which has 84 base damage.

How to Complete the Staff of Wizardry Quest

Staff of Wizardry

To complete the Staff of Wizardry quest, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Look for a sign: After accepting the quest, you need to explore the Anquann Quarry. You will see an icon on your screen that shows the location of the staff. Search for the staff sign while fighting some Isabella’s Excavators on the way. You will find the sign near a railway track.
  2. Head toward the sign: Follow the railway track until you see a right turn. Take the turn and go all the way to the staff sign. You will see some Excavators mining a rock that contains the staff.
  3. Defeat the enemies: As soon as you approach the rock, some Corrupted enemies will attack you and try to take the staff. You have to defeat them all to progress. You will also earn some XP and skill bonuses for killing them.
  4. Collect the staff: After clearing all the enemies, you can destroy the rock and collect the staff. You have completed the quest and can return to Sun Fuchun.

How to Fix the Staff of Wizardry Bug?

staff of wizardry new world

Some players have reported a bug that prevents them from collecting the staff even after defeating all the enemies and destroying the rock. This bug makes it impossible to complete the quest and continue with the main story.

There is no official fix for this bug yet, but some possible solutions are:

  • Update your game: Make sure you have installed the latest version of New World. Sometimes, updating your game can fix some bugs and glitches.
  • Wait for a hotfix: The developers of New World are aware of this bug and are working on a solution. They might release a hotfix soon that will solve this issue. Keep an eye on their official website and social media for any updates.
  • Contact technical support: If none of the above methods work, you can try contacting technical support and report your problem. They might be able to help you or provide some alternative solutions.

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What is New World and Why is it Popular?

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is set in a fictional version of 17th-century colonial America. It is popular because it offers a rich and immersive experience for players who want to explore, fight, craft, and socialize in a vast open world.

What is the Staff of Wizardry New World Bugged and What are its Benefits?

The Staff of Wizardry New World Bugged is a magical weapon that can channel the power of the elements to unleash devastating spells and effects.

How to Repair the New World Staff of Wizardry Bugged?

You can repair the staff of wizardry by using repair kits or azoth at any time. Repair kits are consumable items that can be crafted or bought from other players. Azoth is a rare resource that can be obtained by completing quests, killing enemies, harvesting resources, or traveling fast.

How to Customize the Appearance of the Staff of Wizardry New World Bugged?

You can customize the appearance of your staff of wizardry by using dyes, skins, or transmogrification. Dyes are consumable items that can be crafted or bought from other players. They allow you to change the color of your staff of wizardry.

How to Trade or Sell the Staff of Wizardry New World Bugged?

You can trade or sell the staff of wizardry New World bugged by using the trading post or the direct trade. The trading post is a feature that allows you to list your staff of wizardry for sale or buy another player’s staff of wizardry. You can access the trading post at any settlement or outpost.


The staff of wizardry is one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in New World. It can unleash devastating spells and effects that can damage, control, or support your enemies and allies. The staff of wizardry can be obtained by finding, crafting, or upgrading it in New World.

We hope that this article has helped you understand what the staff of wizardry is and how to get it in New World. The staff of wizardry is a fun and rewarding weapon that can make your adventure in New World more magical and exciting.

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