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A Final Look at Super Mario RPG: The Final Preview

by Isabella Dager
Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a game that many gamers cherish as a childhood favorite. It was a unique collaboration between Nintendo and Square, combining the charm and humor of the Mario franchise with the depth and strategy of a role-playing game. Now, after more than 25 years, this game is getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch, with updated graphics, music, and gameplay.

In this article, we will give you a final look at Super Mario RPG: The Final Preview Focusing on how the combat system has changed and what new challenges await the players and show you how this remake honors the original while adding some new twists and surprises.

Super Mario RPG Combat System

Super Mario RPG

The combat system of Super Mario RPG is a simple but entertaining turn-based system that rewards the players for well-timed button presses. The remake preserves this core mechanic but adds some subtlety and complexity to it. For example, the players can now deal splash damage to all enemies with a perfect timing on basic attacks or negate enemy attacks entirely with a perfect timing on blocks. The game also provides helpful hints for the timing, which disappear once the players master a certain move or enemy. Additionally, the Super Mario RPG game tracks the number of successful timings in a row and rewards the players with buffs and a Gauge meter that can be used for powerful Triple Moves.

New Triple Moves Options

Super Mario RPG

Triple Moves are a brand new feature of the remake, which allow the players to unleash a super strong attack with their three party members, complete with a 3D cutscene. The Triple Moves are unique to each party combination, and can be activated by filling up the Gauge meter with successful timings. The Triple Moves are not only visually impressive, but also deal massive damage to the enemies, making them a valuable asset in tough battles.

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Nintendo Direct Trailer for Special Enemies

Super Mario RPG

Prepare to face the Special Enemies, a new feature of the remake that will spice up your battles and reward your skills. Special Enemies are randomly encountered in the game, and they are not your typical foes. They are stronger, faster, and more unpredictable than the regular ones, and they will test your strategy and adaptability.

You will need to use your timing, your Triple Moves, and your items wisely to defeat them. But don’t worry, the Special Enemies are not unbeatable. They also drop rare items and give more experience points, making them worth the effort. Plus, they add some variety and excitement to the otherwise familiar encounters and keep you on your toes. Super Mario RPG: The Final Preview is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch, and you don’t want to miss it.

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In conclusion Super Mario RPG: The Final Preview is a remake that respects the original game, but also adds some new elements and improvements to make it more engaging and fun. The combat system is the most noticeable area of change, as it introduces new mechanics, features, and challenges that enhance the gameplay and the strategy. The remake also features updated graphics, music, and dialogue, as well as some other surprises that we won’t spoil here. Super Mario RPG: The Final Preview is a game that both old and new fans can enjoy, and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon.

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