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Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets: How to Unlock All Secret Character

by Isabella Dager
Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets

Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets is a remake of the classic roguelike action-platformer that features enhanced visuals, new content, and improved multiplayer. The game is full of secrets waiting to be unveiled, from hidden treasures to mysterious characters and abilities. One of the most exciting discoveries is the secret 16th character, Robomando, who adds an extra layer of mystery and thrill to the game. In this article, we will show you how to unlock risk of rain returns robomando, the secret character in Risk of Rain Returns Secrets.

Who is Risk of Rain Returns Robomando?

Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets

Robomando risk of rain returns secret character that was added to Risk of Rain Returns Secrets in a recent update. He is a robotic version of the Commando, one of the original 15 playable characters in the game. Robomando has a similar appearance and combat style to the Commando, but with some unique features and abilities that make him stand out.

Robomando is a hidden character that can only be unlocked by following a specific sequence of actions in the game. He is not available in the character selection screen until the player completes the required steps. Robomando risk of rain returns is a rare and mysterious character that adds an extra layer of challenge and fun to the game.

What are Robomando’s Powers in Risk of Rain Returns Secrets?

Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets

Robomando has two special abilities that set him apart from the other characters in the game. These are:

Dodge Move: Robomando has a special dodge move that allows him to roll out of harm’s way. This move is inspired by the Commando’s combat roll, but with a faster cooldown and a longer distance. Robomando can use this move to evade enemy attacks and reposition himself in the battlefield.

Mechanical Object Activation: Robomando has the ability to activate mechanical objects without paying any cost. This means that he can use drones, turrets, chests, and other machines for free, without spending any gold or items. This gives him an advantage in terms of resources and firepower.

How to Get Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns

risk of rain returns robomando

If you want to unlock Robomando, the robotic commando, in Risk of Rain Returns, you’ll need to follow a series of steps that will test your skills and patience. Here’s what you need to do, with more details on each step below.

  • Start a run on the easiest difficulty, Drizzle.
  • Find the Strange Battery, a mysterious device, in the Temple of the Elders.
  • Hide the Strange Battery in a safe place under the UES Contact Light, the crashed spaceship.
  • Die on purpose, then start a new run on a harder difficulty, either Rainstorm or Monsoon.
  • Rush to the teleporter on the third stage and activate it exactly at the 22-minute mark.
  • Travel to the fourth stage and look for Robomando, who will be waiting for you.
  • Die by Robomando’s hand, or rather, his gun.

How to Unlock Robomando Secret Character Risk of Rain Returns?

Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets

Unlocking Robomando is not an easy task. It requires the player to complete a series of steps across different maps and difficulty levels in the game. The steps are as follows:

  • Drizzle Difficulty Run: Start a new run in Risk of Rain Returns at the Drizzle difficulty level. This is the easiest difficulty setting in the game, which gives the player more health, less enemy damage, and slower difficulty scaling.
  • Explore Temple of the Elders: In the first stage, look for the Temple of the Elders map. This is a map that has a large temple in the center, surrounded by pillars and statues. On the far left or right side of the map, there is a clay pot that contains a Strange Battery item. Break the pot and pick up the Strange Battery, which is an equipment item that has no effect when used.
Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets
  • UES Contact Light Adventure: In the final stage, go to the UES Contact Light map. This is the map that has a crashed spaceship and a boss fight with Providence, the final boss of the game. Before fighting Providence, go to the bottom right room of the ship and use a card to unlock the door. Behind the door, there is a hidden area with two dancing golems. Go past the golems and find an equipment chest. Insert the Strange Battery into the chest and leave the area.
  • Rainstorm or Monsoon Difficulty Run: Start a new run at either the Rainstorm or Monsoon difficulty level. These are the harder difficulty settings in the game, which give the player less health, more enemy damage, and faster difficulty scaling.
  • Retrieve Stage 2 Battery: In the second stage, look for another chest that contains a Strange Battery. This chest can be found on any map in the second stage, but it is usually hidden or guarded by enemies. Find the chest and pick up the Strange Battery.
robomando risk of rain returns
  • Stage 3 Teleporter Event: In the third stage, complete the teleporter event as usual. The teleporter event is a challenge that spawns a boss and waves of enemies around a teleporter. The player has to survive and kill the enemies until the teleporter is fully charged, then activate the teleporter to move to the next stage.
  • Precise Teleportation: After completing the teleporter event, wait until exactly 22 minutes have passed in the run. This can be seen on the top right corner of the screen. Then, use the teleporter to move to the next stage. The timing has to be precise, otherwise the next step will not work.
  • Encounter on Stage 4: In the fourth stage, look for Robomando, who may spawn in a risk of rain returns secret character area. The secret area can be different depending on the map, but it is usually hidden or hard to reach. For example, on the Hive Cluster map, the secret area is behind a wall of vines that can be burned with fire. Once the player finds Robomando, they have to interact with him and fight him. Robomando is a very tough opponent who can deal a lot of damage and dodge attacks. The player is supposed to lose the fight, as Robomando will always kill them with a final blow.
Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets

After losing the fight, the player will unlock Robomando as a playable character. They can then select him from the character selection screen and enjoy his unique abilities and gameplay. If you are interested in knowing more details about Hogger Cycle Deck, then read Hogger Cycle Deck in Warcraft Rumble: A Comprehensive Guide.


Robomando is a Rain Returns Secrets character that offers a unique gameplay experience and a challenge for players. To unlock Robomando, you need to follow a series of steps that involve finding two Strange Batteries, completing two runs with different difficulty levels, and encountering Robomando on the fourth stage. Robomando is a hidden gem that adds more fun and interest to the game. We hope this article helps you unlock the new secret character Risk of Rain Returns.

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