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LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station: A Brick-Built Masterpiece

by Isabella Dager
LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station

Do you love LEGO? Do you love building realistic and detailed models of lego city police station landmarks? Do you love solving mysteries and catching criminals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in for a treat. LEGO has just announced the latest addition to its popular Modular Building series: the 10278 Police Station.

This set is a brick built masterpiece that features a 1940s-style LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station, a classic doughnut shop, a newsstand, and five minifigures. In this article, we’ll review this amazing set and show you why it’s a must-have for any LEGO fan.

What’s in the Box of LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station?

LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station

The 10278 Police Station is a large and complex set that contains 2,923 pieces. It is priced at AU$299.99 | US$199.99 | £169.99 and is exclusive to LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO.com. The set is part of the LEGO 18+, Creator Expert, and LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station Buildings themes and is scheduled for a global release on January 1, 2021.

The set consists of three separate buildings that can be connected to form a street corner. The main building is the Lego police station, which has three floors and a roof. The other two buildings are a doughnut shop and a newsstand, which are both smaller and have two floors each.

The set also includes five minifigures: five police officers, a newsstand operator, and a doughnut shop owner. The minifigures have detailed outfits and accessories, such as hats, handcuffs, and newspapers.

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How is the Build Experience?

LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station

The build experience of the LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station is enjoyable and challenging. The set uses various innovative techniques and elements to create a realistic and detailed facade and interior. For example, the set uses jumper plates, tan pillars, and brick columns to create a textured and elegant exterior. The set also features some printed tiles, such as a police sign and a typewriter, that add character and authenticity.

The set has many hidden details and surprises that make the build more fun and engaging. For instance, the set has a secret tunnel that connects the doughnut shop and the Lego police station, a hidden safe behind a painting, and a clever Easter egg in the holding cell.

The set is divided into 14 numbered bags, which correspond to different sections of the buildings. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the build takes about 10 to 12 hours to complete.

Overview: LEGO 10278 Police Station

LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station
  • Set Number: 10278
  • Pieces: 2,923
  • Lego Police Station Price: AU$299.99 | US$199.99 | £169.99
  • Exclusive to: LEGO Brand Retail Stores, LEGO.com
  • Theme: LEGO 18+, Creator Expert, LEGO Modular Buildings
  • Release Date: January 1, 2021

Confession Time: My First Modular Build

Believe it or not, despite my long tenure as a LEGO blogger, the 10278 Police Station marks my first-ever LEGO Modular Building set. Yes, it took me a decade to dive into the modular building experience, and I must say, I’m hooked.

Inside the Box: Unboxing and Introduction

The manual kicks off with a unique touch – an introduction by Chris McVeigh, the lead LEGO Set Designer for the LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station, dressed as one of the minifigures in the set. The story unfolds as a newsstand operator turns to a doughnut crime spree to grab headlines, reflecting the changing dynamics of news consumption in the digital age.

A Walk-Through Modular History

The manual features a chronological timeline showcasing wireframe designs of all modular buildings, from the Cafe Corner to the current Lego Police Station. It’s a nostalgic nod to the evolution of modular buildings over the years.

Box Design Woes: The 18+ Design

A point of contention is the 18+ design that envelopes the box and manuals in a minimalist black design. Critics find it uninspiring compared to the vibrant art of previous years. The demise of the Creator Expert branding is also lamented, leaving a bleak impression on the box.

Meet the Minifigures: 5 Cops and a Doughnut Thief

The set includes five minifigures – five cops, a Newsstand Operator, and a Doughnut Shop owner. While the police minifigures boast progressive design, some feel that the set could use an extra pedestrian or bystander.

The Build: Ingenious Techniques and Playful Storytelling

The build process is a highlight, with innovative techniques that keep the experience fresh and enjoyable. The set features three buildings – the Doughnut Shop, Police Station, and a narrow sand-green building. The vine creeping down the side adds a touch of personality to the structure.

Architectural Marvels: Facade and Details

The architectural details of the Police Station are exceptional, employing sublime techniques for the facade. The printed police tile, the angled blue sections, and the vine are standout features. The roof, although sparse, includes a cleverly crafted water tank.

Exploring the Interiors: Newsstand, Doughnut Shop, and Police Station

The ground floor houses the Newsstand with a criminal twist, featuring a paper theft operation. The Doughnut Shop impresses with its compact design, offering rows of sugary treats and a loft for the owner to live. The Police Station Lego interiors include an entrance lobby, holding cell, interrogation room, and office desks, each with unique details.

Easter Eggs and References: A Nod to LEGO History

The set includes several Easter eggs and references to previous modulars, creating a sense of continuity in the LEGO Modular Building series. Clever nods to TV shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine add an extra layer of fun for fans.

Is it Worth Buying?

LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station

The 10278 Police Station is a modular marvel that deserves a place in any LEGO fan’s collection. The set has a high quality and value, as it offers a satisfying and rewarding build experience, a stunning and detailed result, and a lot of playability and display potential. The set is a great choice for both seasoned modular fans and newcomers to LEGO collecting, as it has a unique and appealing theme, a rich and diverse design, and a lot of charm and character. The set is a fantastic display set for early 2021, as it showcases the creativity and innovation of LEGO.

As we gear up for 2021, what better way to welcome the new year than with the 2021 LEGO Modular Building – 10278 Police Station? For avid LEGO Modular Building fans, grabbing the latest modular set at the start of each year is almost a tradition. The Police Station Lego, with its elegant tan facade, promises to be a standout addition to your Modular Street.

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In conclusion, the LEGO 10278 Modular Police Station was a delight from start to finish, offering a memorable modular building experience. The architectural brilliance, coupled with playful storytelling, makes it a standout set. While some improvements could be made in terms of additional furniture and box design, the set is highly recommended for both longtime modular fans and newcomers to LEGO Modulars.

As the LEGO 10278 Lego city police station launches on January 1, 2021, it stands as a fantastic set for display, promising joy to collectors and builders alike. If you’re new to LEGO and seeking a slightly challenging yet rewarding build, the 10278 Police Station is a top recommendation for early 2021.

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