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Hogger Cycle Deck in Warcraft Rumble: A Comprehensive Guide

by Isabella Dager
Hogger Cycle Deck

Warcraft Rumble is a mobile real-time strategy game that features iconic characters and factions from the Warcraft universe. In this game, players can create their own decks of minis and heroes to compete against other players or complete dungeons. One of the most popular and powerful decks in the game is the Hogger Cycle Deck in Warcraft Rumble, which revolves around the beast hero Hogger and his ability to scale with each appearance.

In this article, we will explore the components, strategies, and strengths and weaknesses of this deck, as well as showcase some examples of player-created decks that use this strategy.

Hogger Cycle Deck Composition in Warcraft Rumble

Hogger Cycle Deck

The Hogger Cycle Deck is built around the concept of rapidly cycling through low-cost units to unleash the power of Hogger, the key hero in this strategy. Hogger has two slots for beasts and one slot for cycle units, which gives him a lot of flexibility and synergy with some of the best minis in the game. The objective is to cycle Hogger in and out of play quickly, using his increased attack speed and speed to control the battlefield. Both creators stress the importance of timing chests in the middle to maximize efficiency.

There are different variations of the Hogger Cycle Deck, but some of the common minis that are used are:

  • Quilboar: A tanky beast that has resistance and draws aggro from enemies and towers. Quilboar can protect other units and help with tower aggro management.
  • Whelp Eggs: A powerful beast that deals massive damage and can clear out groups of enemies effectively. Whelp Eggs are especially potent with Flame Burst, which makes them explode upon death and deal area damage.
  • Defias Bandits: A cheap cycle unit that stuns opponents and generates gold through pick lock. Defias Bandits are often the MVPs of this deck, as they can disrupt enemy plans and give you an economic advantage.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot: A versatile unit that can deal with flying units like Gargoyles and also provide some healing to your squad. S.A.F.E. Pilot can replace BRUTE for better overall performance, as suggested by MrExo.

Some other minis that can be used in this warcraft rumble hogger deck are:

Hogger Cycle Deck
  • Murloc Tidehunters: A swarm of beasts that can overwhelm the enemy and provide fodder for hogger heroic rumble passive.
  • Huntress: A ranged beast that can deal consistent damage and slow down enemies with her frost arrows.
  • Harpies: A flying beast that can bypass ground units and target structures directly. Harpies can also deal splash damage with their lightning bolts.
  • Spiderlings: A stable ground troop that can consume enemy units and spawn more spiderlings. Spiderlings can also benefit from hogger heroic rumble passive and become stronger with each appearance.

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Pros and Cons of Warcraft Rumble Hogger Deck

Hogger Cycle Deck

The Hogger Cycle Deck in Warcraft Rumble has many advantages and disadvantages, depending on the situation and the opponent. Here are some of the pros and cons of this deck:


  • Low gold costs for units. This allows you to cycle through your deck faster and deploy warcraft rumble hogger deck more often.
  • Hogger’s increasing strength with each appearance. This makes him a formidable hero that can dominate the battlefield and deal massive damage to enemies and structures.
  • No bad starting hands. Since most of the units in this deck are cheap and useful, you can always have a good opening and adapt to the enemy’s strategy.


  • Vulnerability to Blizzard when units are grouped in one lane. Blizzard is a powerful spell that can deal huge damage and freeze your units, making them easy targets for the enemy. If you group your units in one lane, you risk losing them all to a well-timed Blizzard.
  • High skill cap at higher ratings due to mostly low HP minions. This deck requires a lot of micro-management and decision-making, as most of the units in this deck are fragile and can be easily killed by the enemy. You need to know when to cycle, when to push, and when to retreat, as well as how to deal with different enemy compositions and strategies.

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The Hogger Cycle Deck is a dynamic and engaging deck that offers a fast-paced and aggressive playstyle in Warcraft Rumble. Whether you prefer the speed focused PvP strategy or the versatile general build, the warcraft rumble hogger deck can help you achieve victory and have fun in the game.

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