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How to Play Dead by Daylight on Mobile: A Complete Guide

by Olivia Wildie
Dead by Daylight on Mobile

Are you a fan of horror and thrillers? Do you like games that keep you on the edge of your seat? Do you want to be a Killer or a Survivor in a game of life and death? If so, you should try Dead by Daylight on Mobile, the ultimate multiplayer horror game that lets you play as either side in various maps, modes, and events. In this article, we will teach you how to play Dead by Daylight on Mobile, from downloading and installing the game, to choosing your role, to playing as a Killer or a Survivor, to earning rewards and unlocking new content. Whether you are new or experienced, this article will help you learn the basics and have fun with the game. Let’s begin!

Best Horror Games To Play With Friends

Dead by Daylight on Mobile

These homages to cult classics combined with challenging four-versus-one gameplay has made Dead by Daylight on Mobile a household name in the horror community. By far one of the best scary games you can play with friends, there’s a lot to talk about as it’s grown over the years, so here’s everything that you need to know collected in one easy-to-use spot.

New in Dead by Daylight on Mobile (As of April 21st, 2023)

Dead by Daylight on Mobile

Dead by Daylight on Mobile continues to tick away with new content in the form of Killers, Survivors, and maps to run around screaming in terror. There’s been unique crossovers with other games like Meet Your Maker, Left4Dead, and Silent Hill to name just a handful of them. There’s plenty to keep you occupied and a boatload of meta and counter-picks to learn if you want to survive an evening with the Entity and their large list of homicidal champions. To keep you up to date with the latest goings on of Dead by Daylight on Mobile, here’s an updated look at the game’s current state.

The Teachable Perk Rework

Dead by Daylight on Mobile

Before diving into the guide, here’s an update on what’s been happening with the old Teachable Perk system. Previously, Teachable Perks required you to get max level with a particular Killer or Survivor which would then make this passive applicable to other Characters. To use it with someone else in the roster you would need to level up the character you wanted in order to unlock the passive and then swap it in. It was a lot of extra steps and a huge cost of Bloodpoints, but no more.

Now it’s tied to Prestiging a character. If you do it with someone for the first time, it will unlock a Tier 1 version of those previously teachable moves for every Killer or Survivor immediately. So no more double Bloodweb crawl to access it. Plus, maxing out a character multiple times will enhance those moves to Tier 2, and then Tier 3. Also, Prestige no longer resets a character or their inventory, other unlocked Perks are unlocked for everyone else, and the Prestige cap is now 100 with higher levels providing exclusive rewards and cosmetics.

Everything You Need To Know About Survivors

Dead by Daylight on Mobile

If you like a challenge and the fast-paced thrill of the chase then the Survivors are undoubtedly for you. There are a lot of them to choose from, and your goal is to escape the Nightmare by powering up generators whilst avoiding the clutches of whatever Killer has been matched up against your team. When you first start as a Survivor, it can often feel like the odds are stacked against you and that the Killers are too strong. But, you do have a number of advantages at your disposal.

Team Dynamics

For example, there are four Survivor players working against just one Killer, so a skilled team can multitask by having one-half doing distraction tactics and the other focusing on repairs.

Survivor Abilities

Survivors also have items, perks, and skills depending on the character, and these can give you an edge over whoever’s hunting you down.


You can also level them up to gain access to better abilities and give your team more of a fighting chance in a Trial.

Everything You Need To Know About Killers

Dead by Daylight on Mobile

The Killers in Dead by Daylight on Mobile is where the game absolutely shines. It’s a Hammer House of Horror collection of monsters and murderers that features original creations as well as iconic characters from classic Horror movies and TV shows such as Scream, Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, and Hellraiser. There are so many great creeps that have been added over the years, no two are alike, and their goal is to continually assault and harass the Survivors during a Trial to prevent their escape.

Killer Abilities

Each Killer has a unique power that defines their playstyle and strategy. For example, The Trapper can place and disarm Bear Traps; The Wraith can cloak and uncloak; The Nurse can blink through obstacles and gaps; etc. Each power has its own mechanics and limitations that you need to learn and master.

Killer Perks

Each Killer also has access to perks that give them various advantages during a trial. For example, Hex: Ruin slows down generator repair speed; BBQ & Chili reveals Survivor auras after hooking one; Iron Grasp increases your grip on carried Survivors; etc. Each perk has its own effect and condition that you need to pay attention to.


You can also level up your Killers to gain access to better abilities and perks and unlock new characters, cosmetics, and content.

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How to Play Dead by Daylight on Mobile: A Complete Guide

Dead by Daylight on Mobile is a free-to-play multiplayer horror game for iOS and Android devices. It is based on the popular PC and console game Dead by Daylight, where four survivors have to escape from a killer who has supernatural abilities.

How Can I Download and install Dead by Daylight on Mobile?

You can download and install Dead by Daylight on Mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device. You will need at least 2 GB of free space and a stable internet connection to play the game.

How Can I Customize my Character and Unlock new Perks, Items, and Outfits?

To make your character stand out and gain more power, you need to collect bloodpoints and iridescent shards. Bloodpoints are earned by playing the game, while iridescent shards are earned by leveling up or buying them. Use them to get perks, items, and outfits from the bloodweb or the store.

How Can I Switch between Playing as a Survivor or a Killer?

You can switch between playing as a survivor or a killer by tapping on the role icon at the top of the screen. You can choose to play as a survivor or a killer before each match, or you can select the random option to let the game decide for you.

How Can I Play Dead by Daylight on Mobile with my Friends?

To play with your friends, create or join a party by tapping the party icon. Invite or accept friends by ID or code. Use voice chat to talk with them.


Dead by Daylight on Mobile is a thrilling and challenging game that lets you experience the horror of being hunted or hunting others in various maps and scenarios. Whether you choose to play as a survivor or a killer, you need to master the basic mechanics, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each character, cooperate or strategize with your team, and use perks, items, and add-ons to enhance your performance. You can also earn rewards by completing rituals and challenges, and customize your character with different outfits. If you are looking for a game that will test your skills, wits, and nerves, then download Dead by Daylight on Mobile today and join the millions of players around the world!

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