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Top 10 Best Place to Rent Games Online

by Isabella Dager
Rent Games Online

If you love gaming, you know how expensive it can be to buy every new release. But what if you could rent games online and play them for a fraction of the cost? That’s right, renting games online is a convenient and affordable way to enjoy the latest titles without breaking the bank. You can choose from various services that offer game rentals by mail, streaming, or subscription. Whether you’re looking for console games, PC games, or mobile games, there’s a service that suits your needs.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 best places to rent games online and help you decide which one is right for you. Let’s get started!

Best Place to Rent Games Online

Rent a Gaming PC Online sites that offer the best selection, quality, service, and value for money for gamers of all kinds. Whether you want to rent a gaming pc by mail, streaming, or subscription, you will find a site that suits your needs. Here Top 10 best sites to rent games online sites.

Steam: Best for Avid PC Gamers


Steam is more than just a game store. It’s a community of millions of PC gamers who enjoy a vast selection of games, innovative features, and a user-friendly interface. Steam is PC gaming at its best. Steam is for everyone who loves PC gaming. Whether you’re looking for the latest AAA titles, indie gems, or handheld gaming with the Steam Deck, Steam has it all. 

  • Pros: Huge game library, Big Picture mode, recommendation tools, remote play, video streaming, and more.
  • Cons: Limited customer service lacks built-in video-capture tools.

GOG.com: Best for Retro PC Gamers


GOG.com (Good Old Games) is dedicated to preserving and enhancing classic PC games for modern systems. It’s a paradise for retro gaming fans. It is for those who want to experience the classics. It complements your existing game library with timeless gems. 

  • Pros: Classic games on modern systems, no DRM, 30-day refund window, connects with other game stores.
  • Cons: Limited new games, few online multiplayer titles, requires GOG Galaxy client for chat features.

Humble Bundle: Best for Value and Charity Work

Humble Bundle

The Game Store That Gives Back Overview: Humble Bundle offers amazing PC games, digital versions of console games, and even other forms of entertainment like comic books. The best part is that it supports charitable causes with every purchase. Humble Bundle is for those who want to get great games and make a difference in the world. It offers bundles with incredible value and a gaming subscription service.

  • Pros: Supports charity, bundle deals, gaming subscription service, works across multiple platforms.
  • Cons: Lacks community features, some purchases require a separate launcher.

itch.io: Best for Adventurous Indie Gamers


itch.io is where you can discover indie PC games that challenge your expectations and spark your imagination. It’s a platform for creative and experimental games outside the mainstream. It is for gamers who are looking for under-the-radar gems and who are willing to try new things. 

  • Pros: Exciting library of indie games, robust browsing options, community support, and a useful desktop app.
  • Cons: Narrow audience, some purchases require a separate launcher.

GameFly: Best for Mail Rental


GameFly lets you rent video games by mail, offering a subscription service that delivers games to your doorstep. It’s the ultimate convenience for gamers who don’t want to buy every game. GameFly is for anyone who prefers rent a gaming pc over buying them. It’s the only service of its kind, but it may take longer to get new releases.

  • Pros: Game rentals via mail, wide library of console games, mobile app, and a 30-day free trial.
  • Cons: Limited availability, streaming is limited to select devices.

Xbox: Best for Microsoft Gamers


Xbox is more than just a console. It’s also Microsoft’s PC gaming store, where you can buy select Xbox games on your computer. It comes with voice chat and video recording features. Xbox on PC is for Xbox fans who want to enjoy their favorite games on both platforms. It integrates with Xbox Game Pass, the ultimate gaming subscription service. 

  • Pros: Purchase select Xbox games on PC, Game Pass integration, user-friendly interface, and game capture capabilities.
  • Cons: Missing some titles available in the console-based Xbox Store, no Xbox 360 games.

Epic Games Store: Best for Fortnite Fans

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is more than just the home of Fortnite. It’s a game store that offers exclusive games, free giveaways, and resources for game developers using Unreal Engine. Epic Games Store is for those who want to try something different from Steam. It has some of the most anticipated titles and DRM-free games.

  • Pros: Exclusive games, free game giveaways, no DRM, and Unreal Engine resources.
  • Cons: Missing major titles, basic features, and a limited sense of community.

Green Man Gaming: Best for Recycled Keys

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is the place to go for discounts on new releases. It’s a game store that helps you save money on your favorite games. Green Man Gaming is for thrifty PC gamers who are looking for deals. It has a loyal customer base, but it also has some controversy. 

  • Pros: Discounts on new releases, flexible discounts, and Playfire community features.
  • Cons: Sparse browsing tools, controversy over redemption key sources.



Redbox is a service that offers movie rentals at kiosks located in various places, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. You can browse the available movies online or at the kiosk, and rent gaming pc them for a low price per night. You can also buy used movies at some kiosks. Redbox is for anyone who wants to watch movies without subscribing to a streaming service or buying them outright. It’s especially convenient for those who live near a kiosk or pass by one regularly.

  • Pros: Low-cost movie rentals, easy to use, no late fees, and rewards program.
  • Cons: No longer offers game rentals, limited selection, and availability issues.

EA Play

EA Play

EA Play is a subscription-based service that gives you access to a collection of EA games on various platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. You can also enjoy exclusive benefits, such as early trials of new releases, discounts on digital purchases, and in-game rewards. EA Play is for anyone who loves EA games and wants to play more for less. Whether you’re a fan of sports, shooters, RPGs, or Star Wars, you’ll find something to suit your taste in the EA Play library.

  • Pros: Unlimited access to a selection of EA games, early trials of new releases, discounts on digital purchases, and in-game rewards.
  • Cons: Requires a separate launcher on PC, does not include all EA games, and trial length and availability may vary by title.

Where Can You Rent Gaming PC Online?

  • These stores primarily offer digital downloads for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Some also offer console and mobile games, and several platform holders are pushing for subscription services.
  • Third-party publishers may require downloads from their own stores, but some are expanding to multiple storefronts.
  • GameFly and Green Man Gaming have seen a decline in features over time.

Which PC Game Store Has the Best Library and Features?

  • Steam offers the most comprehensive library and numerous features, with support for the Steam Deck.
  • Other stores like GOG.com, Humble Bundle, and Xbox aim for mass appeal, providing diverse libraries.
  • Factors like DRM, customer service, refund policies, and development tools also matter.
  • Many stores offer social features and recommendation tools to assist with game discovery.

Where to Get the Best Rent PC Games Deals

  • You have the flexibility to purchase games from various stores, and some stores even encourage this.
  • You can sync accounts from rival platforms, creating a unified gaming hub.
  • Comparison websites can help you find the best prices, and many stores offer free games.

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What are the Benefits of Renting a Gaming Computer?

Renting a gaming computer can help you save money, try new games, and avoid clutter. You can rent games for a fraction of the cost of buying them, and you can return them when you are done. You can also discover new games that you might not have heard of or bought otherwise. Renting games online also reduces the need for physical storage space, as you don’t have to keep a large collection of discs or cartridges.

How does Renting Games by Mail Work?

Rent pc games by mail is a service that allows you to receive and return games through the postal service. You can choose from a variety of plans that offer different numbers of games and rental periods. You can browse the online catalog and select the games you want to rent. The service will send you the games in a prepaid envelope, and you can play them as long as you want. When you are ready to return them, you just have to put them back in the envelope and drop them in the mail.

How does Streaming Games Work?

Streaming games is a service that allows you to play games over the internet without downloading or installing them. You can access a library of hundreds of games on your device, such as a console, PC, or smartphone. You need a stable and fast internet connection, and a compatible controller or keyboard and mouse. Streaming games lets you play instantly without waiting for downloads or updates.


When shopping for PC games in 2023, consider your gaming preferences, library size, and available features. Choose the store that best aligns with your gaming needs and budget. Don’t forget to explore various stores and take advantage of free games and discounts to make the most of your gaming experience.

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