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How to Defeat Harrower Dervla, the Final Boss of Lords of the Fallen

by Isabella Dager
Harrower Dervla

Harrower Dervla is a powerful and unique boss that you can encounter in an optional area called the Revelation Depths in the game Lords of the Fallen. This boss has two phases: Dervla and the Umbral Child in the first phase, and The Unbroken Promise in the second phase. In this article will guide you on How to Defeat Harrower Dervla this Final boss and claim its rewards.

Finding Harrower Dervla Rosary

Harrower Dervla
  • Access the Revelation Depths: You can reach this area from beneath the cistern after facing the Skinstealer in the Sunless Skein. Defeat the Skinstealer to obtain the Drainage Control Key, which is needed to lower the water in the Cistern, allowing you to access the Revelation Depths.
  • Prepare for the Battle: Before heading into the boss arena, make sure to rest at the Vestige of Lost Berescu, hidden beneath the wooden elevator that leads to the Sunless Skein.

Phase 1: Dealing with Dervla and the Umbral Child

Harrower Dervla

In the first phase, lords of the fallen harrower dervla rosary appears as two enemies in one: Dervla, with a massive sword and a light crossbow, attacks you on the ground. An Umbral child assists Dervla by flinging magic from a distance.

  • Watch for Umbral Magic: You can recognize this when you hear a distinct noise, indicating incoming magic attacks.
  • Using Cover: Dervla’s child can empower her with a buff, enhancing her sword attacks and crossbow bolts. If you stay too far away, she will fire bolts more frequently. Use the massive stone pillars as cover to protect yourself from her attacks.
  • Closing the Distance: Both Dervla’s sword strikes, and crossbow bolts are relatively easy to dodge, often leaving her vulnerable if you can get close. Summon an ally companion like Pieta to assist you and draw Dervla’s aggression, giving you opportunities to attack.

Phase 2: Facing the Unbroken Promise

harrower dervlas rosary

After defeating Dervla, the Umbral child merges with her to create the second phase: The Unbroken Promise. This enemy is slower and lacks the magic attacks from phase one.

  • Avoid the Energy Wave: Stay to the left or right during the opening moments of this fight because The Unbroken Promise often fires a high-damage energy wave straight ahead.
  • Dealing with Magical Spikes: The Unbroken Promise will summon magical spikes from the ground, making approaching it difficult. Ranged weaponry is effective in this phase, as you can attack from a distance without getting too close.
  • Patience is Key: The Unbroken Promise will eventually send its magical spikes out to attack you. Keep moving to avoid them. Sometimes, the spikes will spin around the creature, making it vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Rewards for Defeating Harrower Dervla

harrower dervla rosary

After defeating harrower dervla rosary and The Unbroken Promise, you’ll receive several rewards, including:

  • Harrower Dervla’s Rosary
  • Dark Crusader’s Call
  • Eight Umbral Scourings
  • Vestige Seed
  • Ammunition Satchel

Don’t forget to view the Umbral Scourge near the top of the shrine where the child sat. This allows you to get Dervla’s Remembrance, which you can trade with Mohlu for her items. You can purchase a high defense armor set with these items.

Additionally, you can buy the Umbral Scouring Clump from Mohlu for 50 Umbral Scourings, toss it in the well upon the shrine, and visit the Umbral Goddess, Putrid Mother. This sets you on the path toward the Putrid Child ending of the game. If you are interested in knowing more details about Defeat Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho, then read How to Defeat Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho- Lords of Fallen.


How do I Access the Revelation Depths?

You need to defeat the Skinstealer in the Sunless Skein and get the Drainage Control Key. Then, use it to lower the water in the Cistern and enter the Revelation Depths.

What are the Differences Between Dervla and The Unbroken Promise?

Dervla is the first phase of Harrower Dervla, who fights you on the ground with a sword and a crossbow. She is assisted by an Umbral child who casts magic at you. The Unbroken Promise is the second phase, who is slower but more powerful. He can summon magical spikes from the ground that can impale you.

What are the Best Weapons and skills to use Against Harrower Dervla?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different weapons and skills may suit different playstyles and preferences. However, some general tips are to use ranged weapons or the Gauntlet to deal with the Umbral child and the magical spikes, and to use fast or heavy weapons to deal damage to Dervla and The Unbroken Promise.


Harrower Dervla is a challenging and rewarding boss fight that requires skill and strategy. By following our tips and strategies, you can defeat this boss and get some unique items and rewards. You can also affect one of the possible endings of the game by choosing how to deal with this boss.

We hope this article has helped you in your quest to defeat harrower dervlas rosary in Lords of the Fallen. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and fellow gamers. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comments section below.

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