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NBA 2K24 New Features Enhance the Gameplay and Realism

by Isabella Dager
NBA 2K24 New Features

NBA 2K24 is the latest installment in the popular basketball simulation franchise, featuring new modes, features, and improvements. Here, you can find the latest updates of NBA 2K24 New Features and patch notes for the game, as well as news and tips to enhance your experience.

NBA 2K24 New Features Update 1.4 Patch Notes

NBA 2K24 New Features

The most recent update for NBA 2K24 is patch 1.4, which is expected to go live soon for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This update will address some of the most user-reported issues and bugs, as well as improve player likeness and visuals. Here are the main highlights of the patch notes:

  • Player likeness updates: Many current and historic players have received general likeness updates or adjustments, such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, and more.
  • Gameplay fixes: Several gameplay issues have been fixed, such as physics breaking on controllable rim hangs, perimeter defense coverage, and dunk meter logic.
  • City improvements: The performance, stability, and visuals of the City have been enhanced, as well as the functionality of the Social Menu and the RISE quests.
  • MyTEAM enhancements: Various UI and stability improvements have been made to MyTEAM, as well as adjustments to the Coach Boosts system and the Triple Threat Online: Co-Op mode.
  • MyNBA/MyNBA Online/The W fixes: Many fixes and improvements have been made to these modes, such as player generation and progression, staff variety, jersey retirement logic, contract extensions, and more.

NBA 2K24 Update 1.3 Patch Notes

NBA 2K24 New Features

The previous update for NBA 2K24 was patch 1.3, which was released on September 14 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This update focused on some gameplay tweaks and stability fixes. Here are the main highlights of the patch notes:

  • Gameplay tweaks: Some gameplay aspects have been tweaked, such as standing meter dunks, on-ball steal system, close shots, wide open jump shots, and Limitless Range badge.
  • Stability fixes: Several stability issues have been fixed, such as hangs when loading a MyCAREER save, editing tattoos, or exiting the Trade Finder menu.
  • Visual updates: Some visual updates have been made to player likenesses, uniforms, courts, arenas, and VIPs.

NBA 2K24 Update 1.2 Patch Notes

NBA 2K24 New Features

The first major update for NBA 2K24 was patch 1.2, which was released on September 8 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This update introduced some new features and fixes to various modes. Here are the main highlights of the patch notes:

  • New features: Some new features have been added to the game, such as controllable rim hangs in gameplay, Flashback games in MyCAREER, Clutch Time mode in MyTEAM, and Pick-Up games in The W.
  • Mode fixes: Many fixes and improvements have been made to different modes, such as City performance and latency, Rec progression and clothing, Streetball difficulty and functionality, MyNBA player ratings and staff variety, MyNBA Online difficulty setting and contract extensions, The W animations and overlays.

NBA 2K24 News, Tips and Tricks

Besides the patch notes, you can also find some news and tips to keep you updated and informed about NBA 2K24. Here are some Tips and Tricks:

  • Free-to-play weekend: From September 17 to September 20, NBA 2K24 will be free to play on PlayStation consoles for PS Plus subscribers. This is a great opportunity to try out the game and see if you like it before buying it.
  • Seasons rewards: NBA 2K24 features Seasons that offer exclusive rewards for completing challenges and leveling up. The first Season is called “Call To Ball” and it will end on October 22. Some of the rewards include a Diamond Carmelo Anthony card in MyTEAM, a RISE backpack in MyCAREER, a GOAT tier list in The W Online, and more.
  • Gameplay tips: If you want to improve your skills and performance in NBA 2K24, you can check out some gameplay tips from the developers or other players. For example, you can learn how to use the new shot meter system, how to master dribbling moves and animations, how to build your ideal player archetype and badges, how to play defense effectively, and more.

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What are Some of the new Features in NBA 2K24?

NBA 2K24 introduces new features such as controllable rim hangs, flashback games, clutch time mode, Kobe’s Mamba Moments mode, and The Neighborhood mode. These features add more realism, excitement, and variety to the gameplay.

How do Controllable rim Hangs Work in NBA 2K24?

Controllable rim hangs allow players to decide how long they want to hang on the rim after a dunk. Players can use the right stick to control the duration and direction of the rim hang. Hanging on the rim too long can result in a technical foul or a blocked shot.

What are Flashback Games in NBA 2K24?

Flashback games are a new feature in MyCAREER mode, where players can relive some of the most iconic moments in NBA history. Players can play as legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James, and experience their signature performances with authentic presentation and challenges.

What is Clutch Time Mode in NBA 2K24?

Clutch time mode is a new 3v3 online mode in MyTEAM, where players can compete in shortened games with high stakes and rewards. Players can use their best cards and strategies to win the game in the final minutes.

What is The Neighborhoods Mode in NBA 2K24?

The Neighborhoods mode is a new mode that replaces The City and The Park modes from previous games. Players can explore a scenic island with various activities and events, such as basketball courts, shops, arcades, mini-games, and more.


NBA 2K24 is not just a basketball game, but a simulation of the sport and its culture. The game offers new features that make the gameplay more realistic and exciting, as well as more modes and content that cater to every type of player. NBA 2K24 is the ultimate basketball experience for fans of the game.

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