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Miles Evolved Suit: A New and Unique Design for Spider-Man 2

by Isabella Dager
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Miles Morales is a young superhero who has inherited the mantle of Spider-Man from his mentor, Peter Parker. In Spider-Man 2, Miles faces a new threat in the form of Venom, a powerful and dangerous symbiote that can bond with anyone and give them enhanced abilities. To combat this enemy, Miles needs a new suit that can match his own unique powers and skills. This is where the Miles Evolved Suit comes in.

In this article, we will explain what the Miles Evolved Suit is, what features it has, and how to get it in Spider-Man 2.

What Is the Spider-Man 2 Miles Evolved Suit?

Miles Evolved Suit

The Evolved Suit Miles is a special outfit that Miles unlocks in Spider-Man 2. It is designed by Insomniac Games, the developers of the game, to showcase Miles’ unique superpowers and personality. The suit changes from his usual black and red to a blue and red color scheme, representing his bio-electric powers. The suit also has a more streamlined and advanced design than his previous suit, with a built-in computer, a new type of webbing, an improved camouflage system, and more.

The suit also includes design elements inspired by Miles’ African American and Puerto Rican heritage, such as the spider logo on his chest, which resembles the Puerto Rican flag. The evolved suit miles also has a hoodie and sneakers, which are part of Miles’ casual attire. The suit is meant to reflect Miles’ identity as a young hero who is proud of his roots and culture.

How To Get the New and Unique Design Evolved Suit Miles?

Miles Evolved Suit

The Evolved Suit Miles is unlocked in the final stretch of the game, during the mission “Finally Free”. This mission starts with Miles and Peter discussing their next steps in their fight against Venom on a water tower. After a brief cutscene, they are attacked by a wave of Venom Symbiotes, which are smaller versions of Venom that can explode on contact. Miles and Peter have to fight them off using their Spider-Man skills.

Instructions for Completing the Finally Free Mission

spider man 2 miles evolved suit

To complete the mission, Miles has to plant Sonic Bursts on the water tower, which create a sonic field that prevents Venom from getting close. He has to stay near them until they fully activate, while defending them from another wave of Venom Symbiotes. If he leaves them unguarded or if they are destroyed by the enemies, the mission will fail.

After planting the Sonic Bursts, Miles has to face Venom himself in a boss fight. Venom is a powerful and dangerous enemy who can create Venom Blasts that damage Miles if he is too close. He can also use his tentacles to grab and throw Miles around. To defeat him, Miles has to dodge his attacks and use his webbing and bio-electricity to damage him.

After defeating Venom, there will be a cutscene in which Miles gets the Evolved Suit from Peter as a gift. He then puts it on and swings away with Peter to celebrate their victory. This cutscene will unlock the Evolved Suit in the suit menu, where Miles can equip it anytime he wants.

The Evolved Suit is one of the most unique and powerful suits in Spider-Man 2, as it showcases Miles’ personality and abilities. It is also one of the most rewarding suits to get, as it requires completing one of the most challenging missions in the game. If you want to experience Spider-Man 2 as Miles Morales with his Evolved Suit, make sure you complete the “Finally Free” mission and enjoy swinging around NYC with your new outfit.

Spider-Man 2 is a hit on PS5, but not without flaws. Fans slam Miles’s Evolved Suit for its sneakers and hair and spot a wrong flag in his home. Plus, some bugs turn Miles into a cube.

Features Of the Spider Man 2 Miles Evolved Suit

Miles Evolved Suit

The Evolved Suit is not just for show, however. It also gives Miles access to new abilities and gadgets that can help him fight against Venom and other enemies. These include:

  • A new type of web bomb that can create a sonic blast that damages and stuns enemies.
  • A new Venom Strike ability that allows Miles to charge up his bio-electricity and unleash it in a powerful punch.
  • A new type of webbing that is stronger and more durable than the previous suit’s webbing.
  • An improved camouflage system that allows Miles to blend in with the surroundings more easily and for longer periods of time.

The Evolved Suit is a part of Miles’ character development in Spider-Man 2, as he learns to master his powers and become a more confident and capable superhero. If you are interested in knowing more details about Miles Morales Evolved Suit, then read Miles Morales Evolved Suit Enhances Electric Powers in Spider-Man 2.


What is the Miles Evolved Suit Spider-Man 2?

The Miles Evolved Suit is a special outfit that Miles Morales unlocks in the final stretch of the game, during the mission “Finally Free”. It is a sleek and futuristic suit that has a blue and red color scheme, inspired by Miles’ bio-electric powers. The suit also features a hoodie and sneakers, reflecting Miles’ personal style and culture.

How do I Get the Miles Evolved Suit Spiderman 2?

To get the Evolved Suit, you need to complete the mission “Finally Free”, which is one of the most challenging and rewarding missions in the game. You need to fight against waves of Venom Symbiotes, plant Sonic Bursts on the water tower, and face Venom himself in a final showdown. Once you do that, you will unlock the spider-man 2 Miles Evolved Suit in the suit menu, where you can equip it anytime you want.


Miles Morales’ Evolved Suit is a stunning and powerful outfit that enhances his spider abilities and reflects his identity. It is a suit that he earns after completing a difficult mission against Venom, his arch-nemesis. It is a suit that makes him a unique and formidable Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2.

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