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How to Win the Monopoly Go Landmark Rush Event

by Isabella Dager
Landmark Rush Event

Monopoly Go is a popular mobile game that lets you play the classic board game with a twist. You can build your own board, collect properties, and compete with other players online. One of the features of Monopoly Go is the landmark rush event, which is a limited-time event that rewards you for completing landmarks on your board.

In this article, we will explain what the landmark rush event is, how to participate in it, and what rewards you can get from it.

What is the Landmark Rush Event?

Landmark Rush Event

Landmark rush is an event that occurs occasionally in Monopoly Go and lasts for a few days. During this event, you can earn extra dice and money rewards for building and upgrading landmarks on your board. Each board has five unique landmarks that you can access by tapping the build button on the bottom menu.

Landmarks are attractions that increase your net worth and give you a house on a random property when you upgrade them. However, upgrading landmarks costs money, so you need to balance your budget and strategy.

How to Participate in the Landmark Rush Event?

Landmark Rush Event

To join the landmark rush event, you simply need to start building landmarks on your board. You will receive a bonus for each landmark that you complete, which means that you have fully upgraded it to level 5. The bonus can include things like gold, m bucks, dice rolls, and even landmark upgrade tokens.

You can use these rewards to further improve your board and gameplay. However, you need to be careful not to waste your resources on landmarks that you cannot finish during the event. You should focus on one landmark at a time and use your resources wisely.

How to Complete Landmarks Quickly?

Landmark Rush Event

Completing landmarks can be challenging, especially if you are playing on a higher-level board. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you speed up the process and earn more rewards. Here are some of them:

  • Take advantage of events and tournaments. Many events and tournaments in Monopoly Go offer landmark upgrade tokens as prizes. You can win these tokens by playing well and ranking high. These tokens can help you upgrade your landmarks faster and save money.
  • Use your dice rolls strategically. Dice rolls are essential for moving around the board and collecting properties. You should use them wisely and try to land on spaces that give you money, gold, or m bucks. You should also avoid spaces that cost you money or make you lose dice rolls.
  • Trade with other players. Trading is a feature that allows you to exchange properties with other players. You can use this feature to get rid of properties that are not useful for you or to acquire properties that are more valuable. Trading can also help you complete sets of properties, which give you more income and net worth.
  • Use power-ups and boosters. Power-ups and boosters are items that can enhance your gameplay and give you an edge over your opponents. You can use them to increase your dice rolls, double your income, steal properties, and more. You can get power-ups and boosters by playing the game, completing quests, or buying them with real money.

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What Rewards Can You Get from the Landmark Rush Event?

Landmark Rush Event

The landmark rush event offers various rewards for completing landmarks on your board. The rewards vary depending on the board that you are playing on, but they usually include:

  • Gold: Gold is the premium currency of Monopoly Go. You can use it to buy power-ups, boosters, stickers, and more.
  • M bucks: M bucks are the regular currency of Monopoly Go. You can use them to buy properties, upgrade landmarks, pay rent, and more.
  • Dice rolls: Dice rolls are the main resource of Monopoly Go. You need them to move around the board and play the game.
  • Landmark upgrade tokens: Landmark upgrade tokens are special items that can help you upgrade your landmarks without spending money. You can use them by tapping the token icon on the landmark menu.
  • Stickers: Stickers are collectible items that you can use to customize your board and avatar. You can get different stickers by playing different boards and events.

The main reward of the landmark rush event is 10 dice rolls per landmark completed, along with some cash prizes. If you complete all five landmarks on your board, you will get 50 dice rolls and a big cash bonus.


The landmark rush event in Monopoly Go is a great opportunity for players to earn extra rewards and have fun. By completing landmarks on your board, you can increase your net worth, get more dice rolls, and enjoy other benefits. However, you need to be smart and strategic when participating in the event. You should focus on one landmark at a time, use your resources wisely, take advantage of events and tournaments, trade with other players, and use power-ups and boosters. By following these tips, you can win the landmark rush event and become a Monopoly Go master.

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