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How to Get Away with a Failed Robbery in Thief Simulator 2

by Olivia Wildie
Failed Robbery

If you love playing as a thief in a realistic and immersive world, you should try Thief Simulator 2. This game lets you plan and execute various heists, using different tools and skills to steal anything you want. You can also earn money and unlock new features by completing missions and challenges. However, you also have to deal with the police and security, who can ruin your plans and catch you. In this article, we will show you how to get away with a Failed Robbery in Thief Simulator 2, by following four simple steps: plan ahead, stay calm, cooperate, and escape.

Failed Robbery Plan Ahead

Failed Robbery

The first step to getting away with a failed robbery is to plan ahead. Before you attempt any heist, you should do some research on your target. You can use your binoculars, laptop, or phone to scout the area, find out the schedule of the occupants or employees, locate the security cameras and alarms, and identify the best entry and exit points. You should also prepare your tools and equipment, such as lockpicks, night vision goggles, hacking devices, or weapons. You should also have a getaway vehicle ready nearby, preferably one that is hard to identify and has the license plate or VIN number covered.

Failed Robbery Stay Calm

Failed Robbery

The second step to getting away with a failed robbery is to stay calm. If something goes wrong during your heist, such as being spotted by a guard or a civilian, triggering an alarm, or hearing sirens, you should not panic or lose your cool. Panicking will only make things worse and attract more attention. Instead, you should try to calm yourself down by repeating positive phrases to yourself, using relaxation techniques, or rephrasing the commands of the robber into positive statements. Staying calm will help you think clearly and act rationally.

Failed Robbery Cooperate

Failed Robbery

The third step to getting away with a failed robbery is to cooperate. If you are confronted by a guard or a police officer, you should not resist or fight back. This will only escalate the situation and increase the risk of injury or death. Instead, you should cooperate with their demands and follow their instructions. You should also avoid making eye contact or saying anything that might provoke them. Cooperating will show them that you are not a threat and might give you a chance to escape later.

Failed Robbery Escape

Failed Robbery

The fourth step to getting away with a failed robbery is to escape. If you have an opportunity to flee from the scene of the crime, you should take it as soon as possible. You should run as fast as you can and use the environment to your advantage. You can hide in bushes, closets, or dumpsters, distract guards or civilians by throwing objects or making noise, or hack security systems to open doors or disable cameras. You should also try to reach your getaway vehicle and drive away quickly. You should avoid main roads and highways and take less crowded routes. You should also change your appearance and ditch your vehicle as soon as possible.

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What are the Benefits of Playing Thief Simulator 2? 

Playing Thief Simulator 2 can provide various benefits, such as improving your problem-solving skills, enhancing your creativity, increasing your adrenaline levels, and satisfying your curiosity.

What are the Drawbacks of Playing Thief Simulator 2? 

 Playing Thief Simulator 2 can also have some drawbacks, such as exposing yourself to violence, glamorizing crime, wasting your time and money, and influencing your moral values.

How Realistic is Thief Simulator 2?

Thief Simulator 2 is not meant to be a realistic simulation of real-life theft. It is a video game that exaggerates some aspects of theft for entertainment purposes. However, it does try to incorporate some elements of realism, such as physics, graphics, sound effects, and consequences.

 How can I Improve my Skills in Thief Simulator 2?

You can improve your skills in Thief Simulator 2 by practicing regularly, learning from your mistakes, watching tutorials or guides online, reading tips and tricks from other players, and experimenting with different strategies and tools.

How can I Play Thief Simulator 2 with my Friends? 

 Thief Simulator 2 does not have a multiplayer mode yet, but it might be added in the future. However, you can still play Thief Simulator 2 with your friends by sharing your screen or streaming your gameplay online, chatting with them via voice or text messages, or competing with them on leaderboards or achievements.


Getting away with a failed robbery in Thief Simulator 2 is not easy, but it is possible if you follow these steps: plan ahead, stay calm, cooperate, and escape. By doing so, you might be able to avoid getting arrested and continue your career as a master thief. However, remember that robbing is a risky business and there is no guarantee that you will succeed every time.

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