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How to Defeat Gentle Gaverus in Lords of Fallen

by Olivia Wildie
Defeat Gentle Gaverus

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging action role-playing game that pits you against powerful enemies and bosses. One of these bosses is Gentle Gaverus, the Mistress of Hounds, who commands a pack of vicious dogs and uses a bow and sword to attack you from a distance and close range. She is one of the most difficult bosses in the game, and you will need to use all your skills and strategies to Defeat Gentle Gaverus her. However, the rewards are worth it, as you will get a unique weapon, the Bow of Gaverus, and a valuable rune for your efforts. In this article, we will show you the main strategies and tips for this fight, and help you overcome this formidable foe.

Gear up for the Battle

Defeat Gentle Gaverus

You need to be ready for a tough fight with Defeat Gentle Gaverus, the archer who commands fierce hounds. Wear armor that can resist fire and physical damage, as her attacks can burn and hurt you. Choose a weapon that is fast and strong, like a dagger or a sword. A shield can help you block some of her strikes, but you will have to dodge most of them. You can also use ranged or magic attacks to hit her from a distance, but watch your energy and ammo levels. Don’t forget to bring enough potions and prayers to heal yourself. Manage your health and stamina wisely, as you will need both to survive and attack.

Fighting Gentle Gaverus

Defeat Gentle Gaverus

The fight with Gentle Gaverus has two phases: the first one where she is accompanied by her hounds, and the second one where she fights alone. In both phases, she will use her bow and sword to attack you from different ranges.

Dealing with Defeat Gentle Gaverus Hounds

Defeat Gentle Gaverus

In the first phase, Defeat Gentle Gaverus will summon four hounds to assist her in the fight. These hounds are fast and aggressive, and they can bite and knock you down easily. You will want to get rid of them as soon as possible, as they can distract you from focusing on Defeat Gentle Gaverus. You can use area-of-effect attacks or spells to hit multiple hounds at once, or focus on one at a time with quick attacks. You can also lure them away from Defeat Gentle Gaverus and kill them separately, but be careful not to get too far from her, as she can shoot you with her arrows.

Avoid her Arrows and Sword Attacks

Defeat Gentle Gaverus will attack you with her bow and sword from different distances. She will switch weapons depending on how far you are from her. Dodge her arrows by moving sideways or towards her. They come in bursts of three, followed by a stronger one that can burn you. Don’t block them with your shield, as they can break your guard. Dodge her sword attacks by moving away from her. They are fast and powerful, and can also burn you. Don’t parry them with your weapon, as they can stagger you.

Attacking her when she Charges her Bow

Defeat Gentle Gaverus

The best time to attack Defeat Gentle Gaverus is when she charges her bow for the final shot. She will glow red and stand still for a few seconds before releasing the arrow. This is your chance to close the distance and hit her with your weapon or magic. You can deal a lot of damage this way, especially if you use a heavy attack or a spell that staggers her. However, be careful not to get too greedy, as she can recover quickly and counterattack with her sword or arrows.

Avoiding her Smoke Bomb and Teleportation

In the second phase, Defeat Gentle Gaverus will gain a new ability: she can throw a smoke bomb that creates a cloud of smoke around her. She will then disappear and reappear somewhere else in the arena. She will use this ability when she is low on health or when you are too close to her. You will want to avoid this smoke bomb by staying away from it or dodging through it. You will also want to keep an eye on where she reappears, as she can surprise you with an arrow or a sword attack. You can use the sound of her bow or sword to locate her, or use a spell that reveals her position, such as the Light spell.

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What is the Bow of Gaverus?

The Bow of Gaverus is a unique weapon that you can get from defeating Gentle Gaverus. It is a powerful bow that can shoot fire arrows that deal extra damage and set enemies on fire. It also has a high critical chance and a special ability that allows you to shoot multiple arrows at once.

What is the Rune that you get from Defeating Gentle Gaverus?

The rune that you get from defeating Gentle Gaverus is a large fire rune that you can use to enhance your weapons or armor. It increases your fire damage and resistance, as well as your attack power and defense.

How many Times can Gentle Gaverus Summon her Hounds?

Gentle Gaverus can summon her hounds only once in the first phase of the fight. She will not summon them again in the second phase or if you die and retry the fight.

How can I Avoid getting set on Fire by Gentle Gaverus?

You can avoid getting set on fire by Gentle Gaverus by dodging her arrows and sword attacks, or by using items or spells that protect you from fire, such as fire resistance potions or the Fire Shield spell.

How can I Stagger Defeat Gentle Gaverus?

You can stagger Defeat Gentle Gaveruss by hitting her with heavy attacks or spells that deal a lot of damage or have a high impact, such as the Hammer or the Lightning spell. However, she will not be staggered for long, so you will need to act quickly.


Defeat Gentle Gaverus is a tough boss that will test your skills and patience. She is fast, agile, and deadly, and she can attack you from different ranges and angles. You will need to prepare yourself with the best gear and weapons, use ranged attacks and magic, manage your health and stamina, deal with her hounds, dodge her arrows and sword attacks, attack her when she charges her bow, and avoid her smoke bomb and teleportation. If you follow these strategies and tips, you will be able to defeat her and claim your rewards.

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