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How to Defeat Judge Cleric in Lord of Fallen

by Isabella Dager
Judge Cleric

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging action role-playing game that pits you against powerful enemies and bosses. One of these bosses is Judge Cleric, a massive, armored warrior who wields a huge hammer and a shield. In this article, we will show you how to defeat Judge Cleric and claim victory in this intense encounter.

Preparation for Battle

Judge Cleric

Before diving into this challenging battle, preparation is key. Here are some essential tips:

  • Resource Management: Take stock of your Sanguinarix charges, Mana, and Ammunition. Using consumables to buff is tempting, but it’s better to save them until you’ve learned Judge Cleric’s patterns.
  • Soulflay Power: Your Umbral Lamp can deal significant damage to Judge Cleric, especially during Phase 1. Use it wisely and follow up with quick attacks to maximize your damage output.

How to Defeat Judge Cleric

Judge Cleric

The battle against Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel, in Lords of the Fallen is not for the faint of heart. This formidable boss poses a significant challenge, and conquering her requires a combination of strategy, skill, and precise timing. The two battle phases are discussed here.

Phase 1: Hit the Boss Hard

The Judge Cleric fight consists of multiple phases, and your level and equipment can significantly affect your approach. Here are some general tips:

  • Close-Range Caution: Beware of her sword combos at close range. She also has a dangerous grab attack. Be ready to dodge and carefully time your movements.
  • Balanced Approach: Judge Cleric alternates between close and long-range attacks throughout the fight. Keep moving and take advantage of the windows between her attacks.

Dodge the Beam Attack

Watch out for Judge Cleric’s Holy beam attack. It fires in a straight line and can hit you anywhere on the battlefield. Since there’s no cover, dodging is your only option. Be vigilant and dodge at the last moment to avoid this devastating attack.

Out Space the Arrow Rain

In Phase 1, Judge Cleric can summon a swarm of Holy arrows in an area of effect attack. Pay attention to the impact zone and stay beyond its border to avoid getting hit. The real danger lies in being cornered, so disengage your lock-on camera to freely move around while dodging.

Counterattack After the Arrows

Judge Cleric is vulnerable to counterattacks while summoning the arrows and for a short time afterward. Use this opportunity to deal damage with your spells or projectiles. Throwing items can be especially effective. Replenish your Ammunition with Satchels if needed.

Phase 2: Tackle New Challenges

Judge Cleric

Phase 2 introduces new challenges, but it’s similar to Phase 1 in many ways. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Visual Overload: Judge Cleric’s attacks in Phase 2 can be visually overwhelming, particularly at close range. Stay focused and dodge her rush attack by waiting until the last second to move.
  • Stay Mobile: Mobility is crucial in Phase 2. Heavy armor or weapons may limit your attacks, so be patient and seize your opportunities. Study her movements to anticipate her attacks.

Avoid the AoE

The addition of a red AoE wave attack in Phase 2 is a significant change. It deals massive damage and is impossible to outmaneuver. Dodge through it but beware of being caught mid-animation. Time your actions with Judge Cleric’s motions.

What You Get for Beating Judge Cleric

As you near victory, your resources may be depleted. Use the pauses between Judge Cleric’s attacks to replenish as needed. Consistent blows will eventually lead to her defeat. After slaying Judge Cleric, interact with her Stigma near the beacon to claim her Remembrance. If you are interested in knowing more details about Defeat Pieta, then read How to Defeat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal in Lords of Fallen.


What are Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging action role-playing game that pits you against powerful enemies and bosses. It is set in a dark fantasy world where humanity has rebelled against a tyrannical god.

Who is Judge Cleric?

Judge Cleric is one of the bosses in Lords of the Fallen. He is a massive, armored warrior who wields a huge hammer and a shield. He is also known as the Radiant Sentinel, as he can unleash powerful attacks with Holy energy. He is encountered in the Catacombs, where he guards the entrance to the Citadel.

How do I Prepare for the Fight with Judge Cleric?

Before you face Judge Cleric, the mighty hammer-wielding boss, you need to be ready. Don’t waste your precious resources on buffs until you know his moves. Use your Umbral Lamp to blast him with Soulflay power and follow up with swift strikes. This will give you the edge in this epic battle.


Judge Cleric is a tough boss that requires patience and skill to defeat. However, by following these tips and tricks, you should be able to beat him in Lords of the Fallen. You will need to manage your resources, use your Soulflay power, dodge his beam and arrow attacks, avoid his AoE wave, and stay mobile throughout the fight. Once you slay him, you will be rewarded with his Remembrance, a powerful item that can enhance your abilities. Lords of the Fallen is a challenging and rewarding game that will test your skills and strategy. Good luck!

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