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Lords of the Fallen: Pumpkin Patch Update Brings Halloween Event

by Isabella Dager
Pumpkin Patch Update

Lords of the Fallen, the dark fantasy game that tests your skills with its ruthless combat and its dual-world system, has just launched a new update that adds a lot of new features and enhancements to the game. The update, called Pumpkin Patch Update, brings a festive Halloween event that transforms the game’s world into a spooky spectacle and offers a new questline that rewards you with the ‘Pumpskin Mask’.

This free event is only available until November 2nd, so don’t miss this chance to experience a different side of Lords of the Fallen. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Pumpkin Patch update and how it improves the game for players.

Halloween Event

Halloween Event

From October 26 to November 2, players can enjoy a spooky Halloween event in Lords of the Fallen. The game’s default world of Mournstead will be decorated with Halloween-themed items, such as pumpkins, candles, and skeletons. Players can also take part in a new quest to earn a creepy pumpkin mask that can be worn in the game. The quest involves finding and destroying hidden pumpkins in both Mournstead and Umbral, the game’s parallel world where enemies are more hostile and rewards are greater.

The Halloween event is a fun way to celebrate the season and add some variety to the game. It is also impressive that Hexworks has prepared this event only two weeks after the game’s launch, which is usually uncommon for non-live service titles.

Pumpkin Patch Update in Lords of the Fallen

Pumpkin Patch Update

The Pumpkin Patch update also brings some other significant changes and improvements to Lords of the Fallen. One of them is the alteration of the New Game Plus mode, which removes some vestiges (the game’s bonfire checkpoints) with each new tier of New Game Plus achieved. This makes the game more challenging and encourages players to explore different paths and strategies.

Another change is the decrease of enemy density in certain spots, which was a common complaint among players who felt that some areas were too crowded and unfair. Hexworks has listened to the feedback and adjusted the enemy placement accordingly.

The update also adds full crossplay to Lords of the Fallen across all platforms, which means that players can join co-op sessions or invade other players’ worlds regardless of their device. This enhances the online multiplayer experience and increases the player base.

Finally, the update improves the game’s performance, which was one of the biggest issues at launch. Many players reported crashes, freezes, glitches, and frame drops that affected their enjoyment of the game. Hexworks has fixed some of these bugs and optimized the game for better stability and smoothness.

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Times Square Billboard Competition

Pumpkin Patch Update

In addition to the Halloween event and update, Hexworks has also announced a fun competition for Lords of the Fallen players. The developer invites players to submit their best photo mode screenshots for a chance to have them displayed on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square for two weeks.

This is a creative way to engage with the community and showcase the game’s visuals. It also gives players an opportunity to express their artistic skills and share their memorable moments from the game.


Lords of the Fallen’s Pumpkin Patch update is a welcome addition to the game that brings a lot of new content and improvements. The Halloween event is a timely celebration that adds some festive flair to the game. The update also addresses some of the main issues and feedback from players and enhances the game experience.

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