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How to Steal an Executive Level Access Code in Starfeild

by Olivia Wildie
Executive Level Access Code

Have you ever dreamed of being a space pirate, a hacker, or a rebel in a futuristic world? If so, you might want to check out Starfeild, a sci-fi video game that lets you explore, fight, and hack your way through a galaxy of adventure. In this game, you can steal executive level access codes from the powerful elites who rule the star systems. These codes allow you to access secret areas, missions, and rewards that are otherwise off-limits. In this article, I will show you how to steal an access code from a powerful executive in Starfeild using different methods and strategies.

Preparing for the Heist

Executive Level Access Code
  • Explain that stealing an access code requires careful planning and preparation.
  • Discuss the factors that affect the success of the heist, such as:
    • Choosing your target executive and finding out their location and schedule.
    • Gathering information and resources, such as maps, blueprints, weapons, gadgets, etc.
    • Deciding on your approach and strategy, such as stealth or combat, solo or team, etc.

Executing the Heist

  • Explain that executing the heist involves infiltrating the executive’s office and obtaining the access code.
  • Describe the steps involved in executing the heist, such as:
    • Entering the building and reaching the executive’s floor.
    • Dealing with security obstacles, such as guards, cameras, locks, etc.
    • Accessing the executive’s device and hacking it to get the access code.
    • Exiting the building and evading pursuit.

Using the Access Code

Executive Level Access Code
  • Explain that using the access code opens up new possibilities and challenges in the game.
  • Highlight the benefits of having an access code, such as:
    • Exploring new areas and discovering secrets.
    • Unlocking new missions and rewards.
    • Hacking or sabotaging other executives or factions.

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What is the Purpose of this Post?

The post is a guide on how to steal an executive level access code in Starfeild, a sci-fi video game.

What are the Benefits of Having the Access Code?

The access code allows you to access restricted areas, bypass security systems, and unlock secret missions in the game.

How do I Confront Nicolaus Slayton in Starfeild?

According to the same web source as before, you can either fight him head-on, or you can sneak behind him and use your stealth takedown. You can also use your charisma or intimidation skills to persuade him to give up peacefully.

What is the Best way to Climb the Trade Tower in Starfeild?

According to another web source I found. you can use your jetpack to fly up the tower, or you can use your grappling hook to latch onto the ledges and pull yourself up. You can also hack the security cameras and turrets to distract or disable them.

How do I Steal an Executive level Access Code in Starfeild?

According to one of the web sources I found, you can either persuade the receptionist to arrange an appointment with Slayton, or you can choose to be violent and kill everyone in the HQ. If you didn’t succeed with the persuasion, you can steal an executive level access code in the office nearby and use it to ride the elevator to the executive level.


You have learned how to steal an executive level access code in Starfeild, a rare and valuable item that can open any door in the galaxy. You have also learned how to find a target, hack or pickpocket the code, use or sell it, and cover your tracks. This is a risky but rewarding adventure that can give you access to secrets, treasures, and opportunities. But be careful, because you are not the only one who wants an executive level access code. You may face competition, resistance, or retaliation from other hackers, corporations, or factions. So be smart, be prepared, and be daring. And remember, the galaxy is yours to explore with an executive level access code in Starfeild.

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