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Coral Island: How to Unlock New Areas and Items with Diving

by Isabella Dager
Unlock New Areas

Coral Island is a game that lets you experience the beauty and diversity of the ocean. You can dive into the water, explore the coral reefs, collect resources, and meet mermaids. But diving is not just a leisure activity. It is also a way to unlock new areas and items, and to help the environment.

In this article, I will show you how to get started with diving, how to heal the coral sites, and how to discover new underwater wonders.

How to Unlock New Areas for Diving in Coral Island

Unlock New Areas

Diving is not available at the start of the game. You have to wait until the eighth day of spring to receive a letter from Ling, a researcher who studies coral. She invites you to volunteer for her project and meet her at the diving spot near the Inn. There, she will give you a diving suit and introduce you to Kible, her robot assistant. You will also get your first diving task: to heal five coral sites.

How to Dive in Coral Island

Unlock New Areas

To dive, you don’t need to change your clothes. Just walk to the end of the diving platform and press the button when the “Dive?” prompt appears. You will then enter the underwater area, where you can see your diving suit, your anchor, and Kible.

To dive effectively, you will need two tools: your scythe and your bug net. You can use your scythe to clear the trash and debris that pollute the ocean floor. You can also use it to harvest seaweed and kelp, which are valuable resources for crafting. Sometimes, you can find treasure chests under the trash, which contain rare gems or artifacts.

Unlock New Areas

You can use your bug net to catch underwater creatures, such as fish, crabs, snails, and more. Not all creatures can be caught, so look for the ones that show a “?” (question mark) when you approach them. You can also collect various items from the ocean floor, such as clams, sea salt, and shells.

How to Heal Coral Sites and Unlock New Areas in Coral Island

Unlock New Areas

The main goal of diving is to heal the coral sites that have been damaged by pollution and overfishing. To do this, you have to find the solar orbs that are hidden under the trash. When you find one, interact with it to send it to the nearby altar. The altar will then emit a bright light that will restore the coral in its vicinity. However, sometimes the light will be blocked by trash, so you have to clear the way for it. Kible will help you by notifying you if there is any trash in the way.

When you heal a coral site, you will see a golden statue rise from the sand. This statue is connected to the diving platform by a rainbow-colored thread. It also sends out a golden light that signals the coral’s recovery. The coral will then regain its color and vitality, and the oil and black roots that covered it will disappear. You will also Unlock New Areas to explore, where you can find more coral sites, rarer creatures, and mermaids.

To dive deeper into the ocean, you have to heal all the coral sites in each area. This will also increase your town rank, which is an important part of the game’s story.

How to Dive Where You Left Off in Coral Island

Unlock New Areas

You don’t have to start from the beginning every time you dive. You can move your anchor to your current location before you resurface. The next time you dive, you will start from where you left your anchor. This way, you can save time and explore more efficiently.

That’s how to Unlock New Areas in diving and progress with diving in Coral Island. I hope you enjoy diving and discovering the secrets of the underwater world.

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Diving is a fun and rewarding activity in Coral Island, a game where you can explore the underwater world, restore the coral reefs, and meet mermaids. By diving, you can unlock new areas and items, and help the environment. You can also enjoy the relaxing music and the beautiful visuals of the ocean. Diving is a great way to experience the beauty and diversity of Coral Island. I hope this article has helped you learn how to get started with diving, how to heal the coral sites, and how to discover new underwater wonders.

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