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Payday 2 vs Payday 3 Review: Why the Old Game is Still More Popular

by Isabella Dager
Payday 2 vs Payday 3

Have you ever wondered why some old games never lose their charm and popularity, even when newer and better games come out? What makes them so special and timeless that they can keep attracting and retaining millions of players for years? In this article, we will explore one such example: Payday 2. Payday 2 is a cooperative shooter game that was released in 2013, but it still has more than twice as many players as its successor, Payday 3, which was released in 2023.

Why is that? What makes Payday 2 more appealing and enjoyable than Payday 3? We will compare the two games Payday 2 vs Payday 3 in terms of graphics and performance, gameplay and content, community and support.

Comparison of Payday 2 vs Payday 3

AspectPayday 2Payday 3
Graphics and PerformanceOutdated graphics and performance issuesModern, high-quality graphics and smoother performance
Gameplay and ContentSimpler, arcade-like gameplayComplex, realistic gameplay and tactical options
Extensive content with 200+ heists and numerous customization optionsFewer heists, characters, and customization choices
Community and SupportEstablished, active player base and modding communityNewer, smaller player base with limited modding
Supportive developer with regular updates and eventsControversial developer with issues like delays and microtransactions

Payday 2 vs Payday 3: Which Game Looks Better?

Payday 2 vs Payday 3

You may think that Payday 3 looks like Payday 2 is the obvious winner when it comes to graphics and performance. After all, it uses a new and powerful engine that makes everything look stunning and realistic. Payday 2, on the other hand, looks dated and dull, with low-quality textures, models, lighting, and shadows. It also has more bugs, glitches, crashes, and performance issues.

But graphics are not everything. Some players may actually prefer the simpler and more colorful graphics of Payday 2 over the more realistic and gritty graphics of Payday 3. Why? Because they may have different reasons, such as:

  • Their PCs may not be able to run Payday 3 smoothly.
  • They may like the more stylized and arcade-like look of Payday 2.
  • They may find the graphics of Payday 3 too distracting or overwhelming during intense action scenes.
  • They may have nostalgia or attachment to the graphics of Payday 2, as they have played it for a long time.

So, graphics and performance are not the decisive factors that determine which game is better. They are important, but not essential. What matters more is the gameplay and content, which we will discuss next.

Gameplay and Content: Payday 2 vs Payday 3

Payday 2 vs Payday 3

The core gameplay of Payday 2 vs Payday 3 graphics is similar. You still play as a masked criminal who teams up with other players to complete various heists. You still have to plan your strategy, choose your loadout, manage your resources, fight against the police, and escape with the loot. You still have to deal with random events, such as alarms, drills, cameras, hostages, etc. You still have to level up your character, unlock new skills, weapons, masks, etc.

Similar Core Gameplay:

  • Team up as masked criminals for heists.
  • Plan strategy, choose loadouts, manage resources.
  • Deal with random events, alarms, hostages, etc.
  • Level up characters, unlock skills, weapons, masks.

Payday 3 Improvements:

  • Robust stealth options, including hacking and disguises.
  • Realistic and tactical gameplay with recoil and destructible objects.
  • Diverse heists with location variety, scenarios, and player choices.

Player Preferences:

  • Some players prefer Payday 2’s simpler, arcade-like gameplay.
  • Others find Payday 3’s complexity, realism, and unpredictability appealing.

Content Quantity:

  • Payday 2, with nearly a decade of support, offers 200+ heists, 20+ characters, and abundant customization options.
  • Payday 3, being newer, has about 50 heists, 10 characters, and fewer customization options.

Player Choices:

  • Some stick with Payday 2 due to prior investment, more activities, or a larger player base.
  • Others prefer Payday 3 for its fresh approach and new challenges.

In essence, gameplay, content, and player preferences significantly influence the popularity of these games. Community and support will be discussed next.

Payday 3 vs payday 2 Review: Which Game Has a Better Community and Support?

Payday 3 vs payday 2 review

You may think that Payday 3 looks like Payday 2 has a better community and support than Payday 2. After all, it is a new game that should have more attention and care from the developer and the players. It should also have more potential and opportunities for modding and improvement.

But that is not the case. Payday 2 has a much better community and support than Payday 3. Here are some reasons why:

  • Payday 2 has a loyal fanbase of millions of players who have been playing it for years.
  • Payday 2 has a vibrant modding scene that adds new content, features, fixes, and enhancements to the game.
  • Payday 2 has a supportive developer that listens to the feedback and suggestions of the players and provides regular updates and events to keep the game fresh and fun.

Payday 3, on the other hand, has a poor community and support. Here are some reasons why:

  • Payday 3 has not yet established a strong fanbase of players who are interested in playing it.
  • Payday 3 has a limited modding scene that is restricted by the Unreal Engine 4’s licensing terms.
  • Payday 3 has a controversial developer that has faced criticism and backlash from the players, due to issues such as delayed release, lack of communication, broken promises, microtransactions, etc.

So, community and support are also important factors that determine which game is better. And Payday 2 wins this category by a landslide.

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How much does Payday 2 Cost?

Payday 2 costs $9.99 USD on Steam, but it often goes on sale for lower prices. You can also buy DLC packs separately or in bundles for additional content.

How much does Payday 3 Cost?

Payday 3 costs $59.99 USD on Steam, but it may go on sale in the future. You can also buy DLC packs separately or in bundles for additional content.

Can I Play Payday 2 vs Payday 3 graphics Offline?

Yes, you can play both games offline, either solo or with AI teammates. However, you will need an internet connection to access some features, such as updates, achievements, leaderboards, etc.

Can I Play Payday 2 vs Payday 3 Cross-Platform?

No, you cannot play both games cross-platform. You can only play with other players who have the same platform and version of the game as you.

Can I Transfer my Progress and Items From Payday 2 to Payday 3?

No, you cannot transfer your progress and items from Payday 2 to Payday 3. You will have to start from scratch in Payday 3. However, you may get some rewards or bonuses for owning Payday 2 in Payday 3.


In conclusion, we have compared Payday 2 vs Payday 3 graphics and performance, gameplay and content, community and support, and tried to explain why the old game is still more popular than the new one. We hope that this article has helped you understand the differences between Payday 2 vs Payday 3 graphics better. We also hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Thank you for your time and attention.

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