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LEGO Disney 100: How to Celebrate with the Mini Steamboat Willie Set

by Isabella Dager
Mini Steamboat Willie

Do you love Disney and LEGO? If so, you’re in luck! LEGO has a special gift for you to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world’s most magical company. It’s the 40659 Mini Steamboat Willie set, a miniature version of the iconic 2019 LEGO Ideas set, 21317 Steamboat Willie. This set is a tribute to the classic 1928 animated short film that introduced Mickey Mouse to the world.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can get this charming GWP, and why it’s a must-have for any LEGO Disney fan.

Availability and Purchase Details of Mini Steamboat Willie

Mini Steamboat Willie

The 40659 Mini Steamboat Willie set is available as a GWP from October 23 to 31, 2023, for those spending US$100 / AU$170 / £95 / €100 / CAD$140 on LEGO Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars at LEGO.com. While it’s unfortunately sold out in Australia, it can still be obtained from the Dreamworld Certified LEGO Store.

Target Audience

This set is a dream come true for LEGO Disney fans who missed out on the original Steamboat Willie. Arguably an improved version, it serves as a fantastic way to conclude the LEGO Disney releases for 2023.

Set Details for Mini Steamboat Willie

Mini Steamboat Willie
  • Name: Mini Steamboat Willie
  • Set Number: 40659
  • Pieces: 424 pieces
  • GWP Threshold: US$100 / AU$170 / £95 / €100 / CAD$TBD on LEGO Disney, Duplo, Star Wars, and Marvel
  • Exclusive to: LEGO.com / LEGO Stores / Shop.disney.com
  • Theme: LEGO Disney Princess
  • Release Date: October 23-31, 2023
  • LEGO Designer: Daniel Squirrell

Build Experience

Mini Steamboat Willie

The Mini Steamboat Willie set may be small, but it offers a satisfying build experience. The designer, Daniel Squirrell, has cleverly used the limited space to create a model that feels solid and realistic. He has incorporated Technic elements such as gears and axles to make the paddlewheel rotate and the chimneys bounce. These features add to the fun and playability of the set, as well as the authenticity of the design. The build experience is enjoyable and rewarding, as you can see the iconic S.S. Willie come to life in your hands.

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Design Features

Despite its small size, the model captures all the essential features of the S.S. Willie from the iconic 1928 animated short film. The paddlewheel, chimneys, flag, and crane are expertly replicated, and the proportions are surprisingly satisfying.

How to Play Mini Steamboat Willie

Mini Steamboat Willie

The set retains impressive play functions, allowing Steamboat Willie to glide while the paddlewheel rotates and the chimneys bounce. These functions, arguably enhanced at this scale, make it a delightful toy that complements its larger predecessor.

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Exclusive Minifigure

Mini Steamboat Willie

The set includes an exclusive black and white Mickey Mouse minifigure with newly decorated legs. A side-by-side comparison with other Mickey Mouse figures showcases the attention to detail.

Pros and Cons of Mini Steamboat Willie


  • No stickers
  • Attainable purchase threshold
  • Compact size without compromising features
  • Doesn’t render the LEGO Ideas version obsolete


  • Lack of a commemorative tile
  • Absence of Minnie Mouse minifigure

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The 40659 Mini Steamboat Willie GWP is a delightful addition to any LEGO Disney collection. Despite its smaller stature, it stands out as a superior version of Steamboat Willie, offering a manageable build with impressive features. The inclusion of an exclusive Mickey Mouse minifigure and a reasonable purchase threshold make it a must-have for Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars enthusiasts. Overall, LEGO has successfully created a substantial GWP that doesn’t break the bank, providing fans with a charming piece of Disney’s heritage.

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