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What Happens If You Kill or Spare Petrov in Starfield?

by Isabella Dager
Kill or Spare Petrov

In the expansive universe of Starfield, making decisions that affect the course of your journey is part of the adventure. One such pivotal moment arises when you need to acquire an Artifact guarded by Captain Petrov, a collector of rare Starfield items. The question that looms is whether you should Kill or Spare Petrov to obtain the coveted Artifact. In this article will help you navigate this critical choice and its consequences.

Rewards of Kill or Spare Petrov

Kill or Spare Petrov

In “No Sudden Moves,” you’re tasked with acquiring an Artifact guarded by Captain Petrov aboard his ship, The Scow. Petrov is unwilling to part with the Artifact, leaving you with no option for a peaceful dialogue. Your choices involve either attacking the ship or attempting to board it peacefully.

Hostile Approach You can choose to attack The Scow right from the start, engaging in combat with Petrov and his crew. This direct approach leads to Petrov’s death and allows you to claim the Artifact and loot his unique Collector’s Outfit and high-powered weapons. However, this aggressive route may have consequences, including disapproval from some companions.

Peaceful Boarding (with potential combat) Alternatively, you can hail The Scow and attempt a persuasion check, or even attack the ship and then persuade the crew to stand down. If you choose to attack Petrov when encountered, he won’t immediately die when his health is depleted. Instead, he begs for mercy. You’ll have to face the rest of the crew if you Kill or Spare Petrov him. The upside is that attacking Petrov can lead to a certain dialogue choice where he reveals the way to the Artifact in his collection. This path provides fewer rewards but may earn approval from certain companions.

No Peaceful Way to Acquire the Artifact

It’s important to note that there is no peaceful dialogue option to obtain the Artifact from Petrov. Even if you sneak into the vault to take it, the ship’s crew will turn hostile. The closest equivalent to a peaceful outcome is sparing Petrov after attacking him, which still results in the crew treating you as hostile pirates. This allows you to take the Artifact and any other valuable items on the ship without a fight.

Consequences of Killing Captain Petrov

If you decide to take Captain Petrov’s life, you’ll not only face the moral dilemma of murder but also the practical consequences of your actions. You’ll have to fight through the entire heavily-armed ship, resulting in a violent and chaotic encounter. The rewards for this path are not particularly lucrative, as the enemies on the ship may have decent weapons, and Captain Petrov’s unique collection outfit isn’t worth the trouble.

The Better Choice

The best course of action is to accept Captain Petrov’s surrender without taking his life. Doing so will prompt him to hand over the museum vault key, allowing you to collect the Artifact and complete your quest in Starfield.

One additional tip is to ensure you pick up the item while sneaking, as taking it without being noticed can help you avoid any potential bounties for your actions.

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How do I Clear an Bounty from the United Colonies if I Kill or Spare Petrov?

You can clear a bounty from the United Colonies by paying it off at any of their stations or outposts. Alternatively, you can also use your charisma or reputation to persuade them to forgive you or reduce your fine.

How do I Increase my Affinity with Sarah Morgan if I Kill or Spare Petrov?

You can increase your affinity with Sarah Morgan by doing quests that align with her values and interests, such as helping other Constellation members or exploring alien ruins. You can also talk to her and compliment her or agree with her opinions.

How do I know if Petrov has the Artifact I need?

You can know if Petrov has the Artifact you need by scanning his ship with your scanner or by talking to him and asking him about his collection.

What are the Benefits of Kill or Spare Petrov?

The benefits of Kill or Spare Petrov are that you can get his unique outfit, some other loot from his ship, and a reputation as a ruthless pirate.

What are the Drawbacks of Kill or Spare Petrov?

The drawbacks of Kill or Spare Petrov are that you will get a bounty from the United Colonies, lose affinity with Sarah Morgan, and miss out on some dialogue options with him.


In the world of Starfield, choices matter, and the decision of whether to Kill or Spare Petrov is a significant one. Opting for a peaceful resolution, either through persuasion or non-lethal force, is the recommended path to obtain the Artifact without unnecessary bloodshed. By sparing Captain Petrov, you not only uphold your moral code but also avoid the complications that come with choosing a more violent route in this vast and immersive universe.

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