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GTA Online Weekly Update: What’s New This Week (16th November 2023)

by Isabella Dager
GTA Online Weekly Update

GTA Online is a decade-old game, but it still offers fresh and exciting content every week for players to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for new cars, discounts, bonuses, or challenges, there’s something for you in the GTA Online Weekly Update.

Here’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Weekly Update for 16th November 2023, including the free vehicles, special rewards, and much more.

GTA Online Weekly Update: GTA$ and RP Bonuses

GTA Online Weekly Update

This week, you can earn extra GTA$ and RP by playing the following activities:

  • x3 GTA$ and RP on New Community Series Jobs. These are custom-made races, deathmatches, and other modes created by the GTA Online Weekly Update community and featured by Rockstar.
  • x2 GTA$ and RP on Doomsday Scenario Finale and Doomsday Heist Prep Missions. These are the final and preparatory missions for the Doomsday Heist, a complex and challenging heist that involves stopping a global threat.
  • Free Setup Costs for Original Heists. These are the first set of heists that were introduced in GTA Online, such as The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break, and The Pacific Standard Job.
  • Free Casino Drinks. You can enjoy free drinks at the Diamond Casino & Resort, the ultimate destination for entertainment and luxury in Los Santos.

Community Challenges

This week, you can also participate in some community challenges that will reward you with exclusive items if you and other players meet the collective goals. These are:

  • Pegassi Zentorno Livery. This is a special paint job for the Pegassi Zentorno, a supercar that resembles a Lamborghini. You will receive this livery later in the year if players collectively take over GTA$ – 100,000,000,000 from Act III of the Doomsday Heist by 22nd November.
  • Sprunk and eCola vanity plates, Sprunk x eCola Bodysuit, Sprunk x eCola livery for Mammoth F-160 Raiju. These are cosmetic items that feature the logos of Sprunk and eCola, two popular soft drink brands in the GTA universe. You will unlock these items if players collectively drink 100 million cans of Sprunk and eCola before 29th November.

GTA Online Weekly Update for Challenges

GTA Online Weekly Update

This week, you can also complete some weekly challenges that will reward you with a chance to win or test drive some new or rare vehicles. These are:

  • Podium Vehicle: Dinka Kanjo SJ. This is a compact car that resembles a Honda Civic. You can win this car by spinning the Lucky Wheel at the casino once per day.
  • Prize Ride Challenge. This is a challenge that requires you to place top 5 in the LS Car Meet Series two days in a row. The LS Car Meet Series is a racing event that takes place at the LS Car Meet, a social hub for car enthusiasts. If you complete this challenge, you will win the Prize Ride Vehicle: Karin 190z. This is a classic sports car that resembles a Nissan Fairlady Z.
  • Time Trial: Elysian Island II. This is a timed race that requires you to reach a certain checkpoint within a given time limit. If you beat the par time, you will earn a cash reward.
  • Test Ride 1: Declasse Mamba. This is a muscle car that resembles a Shelby Cobra. You can test drive this car for free at the LS Car Meet.
  • Test Ride 2: Truffade Z-Type. This is a luxury car that resembles a Bugatti Type 57. You can test drive this car for free at the LS Car Meet.
  • Test Ride 3: Albany Hermes. This is a lowrider car that resembles a Mercury Eight. You can test drive this car for free at the LS Car Meet.

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GTA Online Weekly Update Discounts

GTA Online Weekly Update

This week, you can also take advantage of some discounts on various in-game items, such as properties, vehicles, and upgrades. These are:

  • Save big on properties. Get 50% off on Apartment Properties and Facility Properties. These are properties that you can buy and customize in GTA Online. They also serve as safe houses and bases for heists.
  • Buy awesome cars for half the price. Get 50% off on Pegassi Zentorno, Emperor ETR1, Übermacht Revolter, and Albany Hermes. These are cars that resemble Lamborghini, Lexus, Cadillac, and Mercury models. You can buy them from Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos, online car dealerships.
  • Get great deals on other vehicles. Get 40% off on Vapid Clique Wagon and Progen Emerus, and 25% off on Mammoth F-160 Raiju. These are vehicles that resemble Ford, McLaren, and Ford models. You can buy them from Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Legendary Motorsport, online car dealerships.

Weekly Cars Available to Purchase

GTA Online Weekly Update

This week, you can also purchase some new or rare cars that have been added to the online car dealerships. These are:

  • Buy new or rare cars from online dealerships. This week, you can purchase some amazing vehicles from Simeon’s Showroom and Luxury Autos Showroom. These are:
    • Declasse Vigero ZX. A powerful muscle car that looks like a Chevrolet Camaro. Only GTA$ 1,250,000.
    • Grotti Furia. A stunning supercar that looks like a Ferrari F8 Tributo. Only GTA$ 2,740,000.
    • Pegassi Tezeract. A futuristic supercar that looks like a Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. Only GTA$ 2,825,000.
    • Progen Emerus. A sleek supercar that looks like a McLaren Senna. Only GTA$ 2,750,000.
    • Vapid Clique Wagon. A classic station wagon that looks like a Ford Country Squire. Only GTA$ 1,500,000.
    • Emperor ETR1. A stylish sports car that looks like a Lexus LFA. Only GTA$ 1,995,000.
    • Übermacht Revolter. A luxurious sedan car that looks like a Cadillac CTS-V. Only GTA$ 1,610,000.

GTA+ Membership Benefits

If you have a GTA+ membership, you can also enjoy some exclusive benefits and perks this week. These are:

  • Drive a free sports car. Claim the sleek Ocelot Pariah from Legendary Motorsport and feel the thrill of speed.
  • Enjoy the casino life. Get a free casino membership and access the Diamond Casino & Resort, where you can gamble, party, and relax.
  • Own a free arcade. Claim the Warehouse Arcade from Maze Bank Foreclosures and use it as a base for the Diamond Casino Heist. You can also play arcade games and customize your arcade.
  • Paint your vehicles with free chameleon paints. Apply the Anodized Copper Pearl Body, Anodized Gold Pearl, and Graphite Prismatic Pearl Wheel Chameleon Paints to your vehicles at Los Santos Customs and watch them change color as you drive.
  • Dress up with free fast food outfits. Claim the Bleedin’ Tasty Shorts, Bleedin’ Tasty Hoodie, Cluckin’ Bell Cuffed Sweats, Cluckin’ Bell Hoodie from any clothing store and show your love for Bleedin’ Tasty and Cluckin’ Bell, the best fast food brands in GTA Online.
  • Score more diamonds in the casino heist. Increase your chance of finding diamonds in the vault during the Diamond Casino Heist, the most lucrative heist in GTA Online. Diamonds are worth GTA$ 3,290,000, so don’t miss this opportunity.
  • Save big on yachts and penthouses. Get 50% off on Galaxy Yachts and upgrades, and 50% off on Casino Penthouse Mods. Live the high life with these luxury properties and features.
  • Upgrade your arcade for less. Get 40% off on Arcade Mods and enhance your arcade with a jukebox, a neon sign, a drone station, and a master control terminal.
  • Ride a taxi for free. Call a taxi from your phone and get a free ride to anywhere in Los Santos. No need to worry about traffic or parking.
  • Access free CEO/VIP abilities. Register as a CEO or a VIP from your phone and access various abilities that can help you in GTA Online. You can call a helicopter, request a vehicle, drop ammo, and more.
  • Get GTA$ – $500,000 for free. Claim this amount of money for free from your Maze Bank account and spend it on whatever you want in GTA Online.

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To conclude, the GTA Online Weekly Update for 16th November 2023 offers a lot of new and exciting content for players to enjoy. You can earn extra GTA$ and RP by playing various activities, participate in community challenges to unlock exclusive items, complete weekly challenges to win or test drive new or rare vehicles, take advantage of discounts on various in-game items, purchase new or rare cars from online car dealerships, and enjoy exclusive benefits and perks if you have a GTA+ membership.

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