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Football Manager 2024: How to Build Your Dream Team

by Olivia Wildie
Football Manager 2024

If you love football and want to be a manager, you need to play Football Manager 2024, the best football management game ever. In this article, you will learn how to play Football Manager 2024 and how to make your dream team. You will learn how to pick your club and league, scout and sign players, make a tactic and formation, train and improve players, manage your team and staff, deal with money and transfers, handle media and fans, and win goals and trophies. By the end of this article, you will be ready to play Football Manager 2024 and create your own football story.

What is Football Manager 2024?

Football Manager 2024 is a game where you can be the boss of your own football club. You can choose any team in the world and make it your own. You can sign and train players, create your own strategy, manage your budget and staff, deal with the media and fans, and compete for trophies.

Football Manager 2024 is a realistic and immersive game that lets you experience the thrill and challenge of being a football manager. It has new features and improvements, as well as the official J.League license. Football Manager 2024 is a game for football lovers who want to test their skills, knowledge, and passion. It is a game that gives you fun, drama, glory, and emotion.

Why is Building your Dream Team Important?

It’s crucial to construct your ideal squad in Football Manager 2024 for the following reasons:

  • Your ultimate objective and benefit. It gives you a feeling of direction, purpose, motivation, and challenge. It is a reflection of who you are and how you want to play.
  • A voyage. Planning, preparing, carrying out, and adapting are the steps in the process. You’ll feel all of the emotions and thrills associated with managing a football team, including pain, frustration, joy, and satisfaction.
  • An educational encounter. You will become a better manager, player, person, and football fan as a result. It will improve your aptitude, understanding, imagination, gut feeling, drive, and aspirations.

How to Choose your Club and League

Selecting the ideal club and league is the first step towards creating your ideal squad. Here are a few pointers:

  • Think about what you personally prefer. Which league or club is your fave? Or perhaps you have sentimental ties to a particular league or club? The game will be more entertaining and engaging if you select a league or team that you are passionate about.
  • Select a challenge level based on your experience and skill level. Choose a lesser team or league to begin with if you’re new to Football Manager. If you’re an experienced player, you might wish to push yourself in a larger league or team.
  • Consider your playing style. Do you like to play ball possession, attack, or defense? Select a league or club based on your preferred style of play.
  • Keep your resources and budget in mind. Are you interested in a club that has a large budget? Alternatively, are you interested in a club that presents a financial challenge? Select a league or club that provides you with the tools necessary to assemble your ideal staff.

How to Scout and Sign Players

To build your dream team, you need to scout and sign players. Here’s how:

  • Know what you need and want for your team. Look for players who match your tactic, style, philosophy, goals, etc.
  • Build and manage your scouting network. Assign them tasks to find and evaluate players from different regions, leagues, clubs, etc. Review their reports and recommendations regularly.
  • Plan and execute your transfer strategy. Buy, sell, loan, swap, or release players from or to other clubs, agents, or free agents. Negotiate the best deals for your club and players.
  • Integrate your new players into your team. Introduce them to your club’s culture, expectations, etc. Help them settle in their new environment. Assign them squad numbers, roles, positions, mentors, tutors, etc.

How to Create a Tactic and Formation

To build your dream team, you need to create a tactic and formation. Here’s how:

  • Define your vision identity philosophy style etc. What kind of manager and football do you want to be and play? Make sure they match your club’s culture history expectations etc.
  • Design your system structure strategy plan etc. How do you want your team to operate and react on the pitch? Choose the best shape roles positions instructions etc. for your players.
  • Devise your strategy plan mentality tempo passing style creative freedom etc. How do you want your team to approach and win games? Plan for different phases situations events etc. of the game.

How to Train and Develop Players

To build your dream team, you need to train and develop players. Here’s how:

  • Create and manage your training schedule. Choose the best sessions blocks units categories etc. for your team. Consider the intensity frequency duration variety focus purpose effect etc. of your training.
  • Monitor and manage your player development. Track and influence your players’ progress and growth over time. Consider the age experience potential strengths weaknesses opportunities threats etc. of your players.
  • Involve and utilize your staff. Assign them roles responsibilities skills personalities etc. for your team. Listen to their feedback advice support etc. for your team.

How to Manage your Squad and Staff

Your team and employees are your club’s core. The key to success is managing them well. Here are a few pointers:

  • Rotate your team according to the game’s significance, fitness, form, and morale. By doing this, you can keep your players motivated and prevent injuries and burnout.
  • Ensure team cohesion by keeping your players content and driven. This entails appreciating their individuality, allowing kids to play, and recognizing their accomplishments.
  • Individuality, allowing kids to play, and recognizing their accomplishments.
    Assign work to your employees in accordance with their backgrounds and abilities. This gives you more time to consider the larger picture and make important choices.

How to Achieve your Goals and win Trophies

To achieve your goals and win trophies, you need to:

  • Dream big: Set and follow your own objectives and targets based on your vision, identity, philosophy, and style. Don’t let others dictate your ambition.
  • Play smart: Monitor and evaluate your own performance and results based on your system, structure, strategy, and plan. Don’t let the score, points, or position distract you from the process.
  • Grow fast: Analyze and review your own analysis and review based on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Don’t let the data, tools, or insights stop you from improving.

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How do I Handle Media and Fans for my Dream Team?

In Football Manager 2024, you can manage your media and fan relations. You can join press conferences or interviews, answer questions, share your views or feelings, and make promises or forecasts. You can also connect with your fans through fan mail or fan events.

How do I Choose a Club and a League to Start my Career?

In Football Manager 2024, you can pick any club and league from over 100 countries. You can sort the clubs by their reputation, money, facilities, goals, and more. You can also make your own club and change its name, logo, kit, stadium, and players. You can pick a league based on its challenge, fame, rules, and style.

How do I Deal with Finances and Transfers for my Dream Team? 

In Football Manager 2024, you can manage your money and transfers for your dream team. You can set your budget for buying and paying players. You can also ask for more money from your board or change your budget plan. You can sell or loan your unwanted players or give them new deals or extensions. You can also buy or loan new players or renew their deals or extensions.


Do you love football? Do you want to manage your own team? Do you have what it takes to be a champion? If yes, then Football Manager 2024 is the game for you. Football Manager 2024 lets you experience the thrill of being a manager in the world’s most popular sport. You can choose from thousands of clubs and leagues, scout and sign the best players, create your own tactics and formations, train and develop your players, manage your budget and transfers, deal with the media and fans, and much more.

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