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Payday 3: Complete The First Heist Stealth – Tips and Tricks

by Olivia Wildie
First Heist Stealth

You seem to be interested in Payday 3, a game where you can rob banks with your friends. One of the heists is No Rest for the Wicked, where you have to steal cash from a bank in New York. You can go loud or First Heist Stealthy, but stealthy is more fun and rewarding. In this article, we will teach you how to do it First Heist Stealthily and give you some useful tips.

Choosing The Right Skills For First Heist Stealth

First Heist Stealth

In Payday 3, First Heist Stealth requires choosing the right skills from four categories: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, and Ghost. Each category has skill trees that offer different abilities for gameplay. You can unlock and upgrade skills as you level up in the game.

For stealth, you want to invest in skills that help you remain undetected, disable security systems, hide bodies, pick locks, hack computers, etc. Some of the best skills for First Heist Stealth in Payday 3 are:

  • Aced Infiltrator: This skill allows you to enter casing mode, which lets you walk around without masking up or drawing suspicion. You can also interact with certain objects and pickpocket keycards while in casing mode.
  • Quick Fingers: This skill increases your lockpicking speed by 25%, which is useful for opening doors, safes, lockers, etc.
  • Aced Hacker: This skill allows you to hack computers faster by 25%, which is essential for disabling security systems.
  • Secure Loop: This skill allows you to loop a camera for 20 seconds, which prevents it from detecting you or your actions.
  • Grifter: This skill reduces the noise you make while moving by 50%, which helps you avoid alerting guards or civilians.
  • Walk the Walk: This skill increases your movement speed by 10%, which helps you move faster and more efficiently.
  • Social Engineering: This skill allows you to intimidate and convert civilians into hostages, which can be useful for getting information or opening doors.

Surveying The Map

First Heist Stealth

After you’ve decided on your talents and loadout, it’s time to survey the bank. You can enter without disguising up, but be careful not to do anything suspicious or approach guards or cameras too closely. You must locate the following:

  • The red and blue keycards required for security room and vault gate switch access
  • The security room, where you will hack the computer and turn off the security system.
  • The power box, where you’ll cut the wires and switch off the vault gate’s electricity.
  • The vault gate switch, where you can open the gate by flipping the appropriate color-coded switch.
  • The bank executive, a random civilian who is aware of the possible vault codes
  • The blacklight, which illuminates the proper vault code on a wall

Avoid cameras (represented by red circles on your HUD) and guards (represented by yellow circles on your HUD). They will raise an alarm if they detect you and damage your First Heist Stealth.

Hiding Bodies

First Heist Stealth

You may need to hide bodies of guards or civilians in a heist. If they are seen, an alarm will go off. Use body bags to carry them to safe places. Some good places are:

  • Dumpsters: Big containers in alleys or parking lots. They can fit many bodies.
  • Closets: Small rooms in the bank. They can fit one body each.
  • Vents: Holes in walls or ceilings. They can fit one body each.

Bringing Microcams

First Heist Stealth

Another useful item that you can bring for First Heist Stealth is microcams. Microcams are tiny cameras that you can place on walls or objects and monitor remotely. They allow you to see what’s going on in different areas of the bank without being there yourself.

You can use microcams to monitor the following things:

  • The movement of guards and civilians
  • The status of cameras and security systems
  • The location of keycards and other items
  • The color of the vault gate switch
  • The potential vault codes

You want to place microcams strategically in places where they can capture important information without being seen by guards or cameras. Some of the best places to place microcams are:

  • Above doors or windows
  • Behind plants or paintings
  • Under desks or tables
  • On shelves or cabinets

Avoiding The Lead Guard

First Heist Stealth

The lead guard is a significant threat to your stealth, so try to avoid him as much as possible. He outperforms other guards in terms of detection range, suspicion level, health pool, and resistance level. He can also request assistance.

To dodge the lead guard, do the following:

  • Keep your distance and stay out of his line of sight.
  • Track his movements with microcams and plot your route accordingly.
  • ECM jammers can be used to temporarily block his radio and prevent him from dialing for help.
  • Use corpse bags to conceal any bodies he may come across.
  • Use captives to divert his attention away from your goal.

His black suit, white shirt, red tie, black hat, radio, and badge are common identifiers for the lead guard. He frequently monitors the bank’s main sections, such as the lobby, offices, and vault.

If the lead guard detects you, he will raise an alarm and disrupt your First Heist Stealth. If you must defeat him, do so fast and silently.

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How many Guards are there in the Bank?

There are six guards in the bank on normal difficulty. You can find them in the main lobby, the first floor private area, the second floor private area, the second floor camera room, the parking lot, and the back alleyway.

How do I Mask up?

Masking up is an action that allows you to put on your mask and equip your weapons. You can mask up by pressing the mask up button (default G) during a heist. However, once you mask up, you will draw suspicion from guards and cameras, so be careful when and where you do it.

How do I Interact with Objects?

Interacting with objects is an action that allows you to use or manipulate various objects in the game, such as doors, keypads, computers, etc. You can interact with objects by pressing the interact button (default F) when near them.

Where can I Find the Keycards?

 The keycards are either carried by the guards or randomly placed in different locations. The red keycard is carried by the guard in the second floor private area, and the blue keycard is carried by the guard in the parking lot. You can also find them in drawers, lockers, or desks.

How do I Disable the Security System?

You need to hack a computer in the security room, which is located on the first floor private area. You need the red keycard to access the security room. Alternatively, you can use a microcam to hack the computer remotely.


You have just learned how to complete the First Heist Stealth in Payday 3, a game mode where you rob a bank without being detected. You have learned how to find keycards, disable alarms, open the vault, and escape with your loot. You have also learned some tips and tricks on how to avoid detection and deal with unexpected situations. Now, you are ready to take on the challenge of robbing more banks in First Heist Stealthmode. Remember, practice makes perfect, and teamwork is essential. Good luck, and happy heisting!

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