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Lord of Fallen: Defeat Abiding Defenders Tips and Tricks

by Isabella Dager

In Lords of the Fallen How to Defeat the Abiding Defenders Lords of the Fallen is a challenging action RPG that pits you against powerful enemies and bosses. One of these boss fights is the Abiding Defenders, a pair of twin knights that guard the Leprosarium. In this article, we will show you how to beat them and what rewards you can get.

Where to Find Abiding Defender Lirenne and Kyra

Abiding Defenders

The Abiding Defenders are Lirenne and Kyra, two holy warriors that wield swords and magic. They are located in the back courtyard of the Leprosarium, also known as the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. You will encounter them after exploring the area and finding a chest surrounded by armor displays. As soon as you approach the chest, two of the armors will come to life and attack you.

How to Defeat Abiding defender Lirenne and Abiding Defender Kyra

Abiding Defenders

The fight against the Abiding Defenders is tricky because you have to deal with two opponents at once. Lirenne is more aggressive and focuses on melee attacks, while Kyra is more defensive and uses spells from a distance. Both of them also have holy abilities that can deal a lot of damage.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you defeat them:

  • Focus on Lirenne first: She is more dangerous than Kyra because of her fast and powerful sword swings. Try to lure her away from Kyra and block or dodge her attacks. You can also deflect her attacks with your shield to stagger her and then counterattack with a grievous strike.
  • Avoid Kyra’s spells: Kyra will cast various spells that can hit you from afar. She has a crescent projectile that deals holy damage, a spectral sword that moves along the ground, and multiple spectral swords that criss-cross the area. You can dodge or run away from these spells or use your shield to block them if you have enough stamina.
  • Watch out for their holy abilities: Both Lirenne and Kyra have special holy abilities that they will use occasionally. Lirenne can create a shockwave that knocks you back, while Kyra can heal herself or Lirenne. You can tell when they are using these abilities by their glowing aura. Try to interrupt them with your attacks or spells before they can finish their cast.
  • Finish off Kyra quickly: Once you kill Lirenne, Kyra will try to revive her after a few seconds. You have to prevent this from happening by attacking Kyra as much as possible. If she succeeds in reviving Lirenne, you will have to fight both of them again.

Rewards for Defeat Abiding defender

Abiding Defenders

After defeating the Abiding Defenders, you will receive several rewards:

  • Ebonlight Abiding Defender Sword: This is a unique sword that can inflict both bleeding and frostbite on your enemies. It has high damage and speed, but low energy gain.
  • Abiding Defender Masked Helmet: This is a helmet that belongs to the Abiding Defender set. It has high defense and poise, but low weight.
  • Divine Arms: This is a Radiant-type spell that summons holy swords from the sky to strike your enemies. It has high damage and range, but high cooldown and energy cost.
  • Vestige Seed: This is an item that allows you to open locked chests in the game. You can use it to open the chest in the courtyard where you fought the Abiding Defenders. It contains a Flail of Wisdom, a weapon that deals magic damage and increases your spell power.

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How do I Access the Leprosarium?

You need to go through the Catacombs first, which are located under Keystone Citadel. You will find a portal there that leads you to the Leprosarium.

What is the best Weapon to use Against the Abiding Defenders?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different weapons have different advantages and disadvantages. However, some general tips are to use a weapon that has high damage, speed, and energy gain, and that can inflict status effects like bleeding or frostbite.

What is the Best Armor to use Against the Abiding Defenders?

Again, this depends on your personal preference and playstyle. However, some general tips are to use an armor that has high defense, poise, and weight, and that can resist holy damage. You can also use an armor that enhances your magic power, such as Faith or Wisdom.


The Abiding Defenders are one of the optional boss fights in Lords of the Fallen that can be very rewarding if you manage to beat them. You will need to use your skills, strategy, and patience to overcome their melee attacks, spells, and holy abilities. Remember to focus on Lirenne first, avoid Kyra’s spells, interrupt their holy abilities, and finish off Kyra quickly before she revives Lirenne.

We hope this guide helped you beat the Abiding Defenders in Lords of the Fallen.

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